Wednesday, May 19, 2010

AMERICA VOTED: I failed to write about Idol last night not out of protest or boredom but because I was out at an election night celebration. (Okay, my candidate lost, but Fantasia and Musiq Soulchild performed anyway and then I moved onto a gathering of Dem staffers who did win their races.)

Anyway, last night was straight down the middle, with yet another butchering of the meaning of That Leonard Cohen Song. There's just not much to say about this unsurprising season; the right two performers made the finals, and neither of them will become America's Next Pop Superstar.


  1. Benner12:33 AM

    *not politics rule* you supported Arlen (interrobang)

    i mean, i respect the old guy, but I'm kind of glad he's done.

  2. Adam C.7:06 AM

    FWIW, I'm guessing Adam's "my candidate" refers to one of the unsuccessful PA gubernatorial candidates and not to Arlen.

  3. +5 to Adam C. I was counsel to the Williams for Governor campaign.

  4. Adam C.10:07 AM

    Condolences on the outcome.

  5. Yeah, the ridiculous choir during TLCS really irritated me to the point where I turned the TV off. Gah.

    Totally agree with your assessment: the right two are through, neither will be a superstar. My personal preference is for Crystal, I guess, but not by much. <yawn></yawn>

  6. I have a strong preference for Crystal, but that's at least partly because I like her style of music and partly because of Lee's notable difficulties in staying on-pitch for an entire song.

    The pimpage for Lee on the performance night was off the charts, including that production for TLCS (heh). I was wondering to myself whether it was a valid interpretation of the song, which I rather thought that it was not even though I do think that TLCS is malleable. That said, I was completely unwilling to watch it again to make a final determination there.

  7. gretchen1:59 PM

    As usual, I agree with Jenn. Lee is totally The Chosen One, which annoys me because I'm squarely on Team Crystal. I was not remotely surprised by her choice of Come To My Window -- totally in her wheelhouse.