Monday, May 17, 2010

NO PROGRAMMING FEATURING RYAN SEACREST (THIS GUARANTEE GOOD ONLY IN THE FALL): Fox's fall schedule is pretty blah, and while they announce a "midseason schedule," everyone knows that'll change, but a few thoughts:
  • I'm glad to see the enormously fun Human Target picked up for 13 more episodes, but am concerned by the Friday dumping slot for it, particularly for a young-male-skewing show.
  • Odd that The Good Guys, which Fox is launching with a lot of fanfare on Wednesday, gets moved to the Friday dump slot in the fall (though what we've seen of it seems like it may make a good pairing with Target).
  • Lonestar (which sounds like an effort to reinvent Dallas from the description) gets the House leadout, but doesn't seem from the description to be a terribly compatible leadin.
  • Given how bad Sit Down, Shut Up was, I probably shouldn't be that excited about Wilde Kingdom, which again reunites Will Arnett and Mitch Hurwitz, this time with Keri Russell, but it's worth a shot.
  • Most inexplicable decision--your Super Bowl leadout program? A special new episode of Glee. Strikes me that the football audience may not be the most likely folks in the world to convert into Gleeks.


  1. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Maybe if that Glee episode can involve a bunch of footballers dancing to beyonce? I bet that would win them ALL over. ;)

  2. Heather K10:00 AM

    That guest was me (stupid work computer grumble grumble)

  3. Adam C.10:00 AM

    I'll offer the preliminary Philadelphia BOOOOOOOO!for the purported midseason shift of Glee to Wednesday at 9, where it presumably will go head to head with Modern Family.

  4. It's not any worse than the Glee/Lost matchup. And that slot is one of the few things on the Fox schedule that's not going to change--they (justifiably) like the Idol/Glee synergy (the one way it might change is by flip-flopping Glee to lead in to Idol).

  5. Adam C.10:11 AM

    Except for the fact that I was briefly excited that the fall Glee spot wouldn't conflict with anything I currently watch, so seeing the midseason draft plan irked from that standpoint. That's life with a single-tuner DVR, though.

  6. The Super Bowl audience skews considerably more female than the typical football audience. And if Glee is good at parties, why not go for the biggest tv party of all?

  7. lauri1:03 PM

    i wonder if fox will ever program the 10 o'clock hour since they're a leading "real" network and not a wanna-be fourth network. i'm guessing the affiliates want to keep their 10pm news and the syndicated programs that follow, but i don't know anything about their contractual obligations regarding the 10 o'clock hour. it sure seems that they could launch some successful shows given their programming base.

  8. Jenn.1:17 PM

    One take on the Idol maneuvering:

  9. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Do you really think there's anyone out there that doesn't already watch Glee if they give a shit about it? Exposure is not a problem.

  10. girard316:54 PM

    To add to Ted's point on more women watching the Super Bowl comes this startling fact: the 18-49 numbers I've seen for Glee are not that top heavy female. I believe it was 55-45 in favor of the ladies. I lot of guys have either turned gay or are hiding a pretty big secret: they like show tunes and Glee arrangements of pop tunes...