Tuesday, May 18, 2010

AND THE BAND PHOENIX IS FROM FRANCE: A PSA from us to you--AriZona Iced Tea is made in New York, so continue to enjoy the whole family of fine AriZona products regardless of which side of the immigration debate you find yourself on.


  1. isaac_spaceman1:28 PM

    Makes me think of the old Pace Picante Sauce commercial: "New York City ... gettherope."

  2. But at least Arizona Iced Tea's labels make sense, unlike the lyrics to Lisztomania (which I like, but whaa??).

  3. Joseph J. Finn3:14 PM

    Can I boycott them until they explain the deliberate misspelling in the name? Like banning any product that uses an X instead of Ex for Extra or Extreme?

  4. Becca3:49 PM

    Ah, yes. "Like a rhino, not easily offended" Is that what they're saying there? I like the song, too, but I have to assume it's lost in translation. Or something.

    I can't wait to see how wrong I am about that lyric. They're saying something totally different, right?

  5. Jenn.4:52 PM

    You know, if the company had named the product CanAda tea at the outset, if could have remained neutral, but now....

  6. It's the original Long Island Iced Tea.

    Support Long Island products*!!!!

    (*Not including Lindsey Lohan)

  7. Travis2:22 PM

    Like a ride, like a riot, oh!. Not easily offended.