Wednesday, January 5, 2011

BACK HOME, I'M WORTH $156,000,000:  If you played The Numbers in last night's Mega Millions lottery, you won $150 because three of the first five hit among the five balls picked, and 42 was the Mega ball.  (First five balls go 1-56, Mega ball goes 1-46.)  Apparently, this happens 1 in every 13,781 times, so just be patient if you missed this one.


  1. <span>Picking famous sequences of numbers is perhaps the stupidest way possible to play the lottery short of burning the tickets as soon as you buy them: the Hurley imitators would've been really annoyed if they hit the jackpot and had to split the grand prize 9000 ways.</span>

  2. No, they would have been amazed and delighted by the fact that, just like Hurley, their luck had shifted dramatically for the worse immediately upon winning the lottery with those numbers.  

  3. Marsha10:56 AM

    For those who don't read Jorge Garcia's blog: