Monday, January 3, 2011

MORBIDITY & MORTALITY ANNUAL REPORT:  The Awl's Rick Paulas compiles the most popular entries in his 2011 Celebrity Dead Pool, for which points are awarded on a [100 minus Age At Death] basis.  Among Paulas' rules for his Pool:
6th Rule: You Will Not Cause The Death Of Any Celebrity. Just to cover our asses here.

8th Rule: Don’t Pick Anyone On Death Row. This was an issue last year. Don’t let it be this year!

9th Rule: Don’t Pick Anyone Presumed Dead. C’mon, folks.

10th Rule: Or Brain Dead. Seriously, everyone.


  1. Heather K10:00 PM

    I take Zsa Zsa Gabor.

  2. slowlylu10:09 PM

    I'd take Charlie Sheen (just because of points ratio) and Lindsay Lohan.

  3. Adam C.10:15 PM

    Inquiring minds want to know: what's the rationale for Peter Tork?

  4. slowlylu10:18 PM

    The ever helpful Wikipedia notes that he had throat cancer but had received an all clear. Still, after reading that New Yorker article about cancer diagnosis and death ...

  5. Joseph Finn10:27 PM

    I had a bit of shock of seeing Michael Douglas; I'd somehow completely missed his cancer diagnosis.

  6. Heather K10:28 PM

    I think I seriously misunderstood the points ranking.

  7. calliekl10:48 PM

    I feel kind of iggy about this. Does it make me weird?

    From the list on that page, I would probably go with Courtney Love. On the other end of the age spectrum, I would say Harper Lee.

  8. slowlylu10:50 PM

    Not at all calliekl. I should feel more iggy about this but my family have been doing this for years at Christmas.

  9. So how is Ariel Sharon eligible to be on four lists?  

    NB that I'm worth 58 points according to Rule Two and Three.

  10. slowlylu11:50 PM

    So maybe I should add Iggy Pop?

  11. He's not brain dead.  "Just" comatose.

  12. Marsha11:46 AM

    I used to be in a dead pool, and even won it once. I have the trophy (the word "DEATH" spelled out in origami'd dollar bills and encased in plastic) to prove it.

    But yeah, there's an oogy factor here that's hard to deny.

  13. Adam C.11:53 AM

    Aha.  Thanks!

  14. Jordan2:38 PM

    No one on Death Row? I was going to pick Dre's music career.

  15. Leslie4:17 PM

    Dick Clark.

  16. Adam C.6:08 PM

    People with an early lead:  the 4 who picked Gerry Rafferty.

  17. Adam C.6:10 PM

    Apparently, no one had 96-year-old character actor Bill Erwin.

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