Thursday, March 31, 2011

I GUESS YOU WEREN'T READY FOR THAT YET. BUT YOUR KIDS ARE GONNA LOVE IT:  On the bright side, I'm a big fan of the reworked performance segments on the Idol results show. No more hokey medleys; instead interesting duo and small group performances scattered throughout the hour. On the other side, damn ...

Bottom 3: Thia, Naima, Paul.  First two go home.

Thia was clearly disposable, but Naima's leaving is a real loss for the show. There hasn't been a woman on the show who had taken risks like that before, and it's a damn shame we won't see what her ambitious self was going to bring to the table in future weeks. I liked the dancing and the reggaefied "I'm Still Standing"; that's a show which entertains me.  I am not interested in the "singing competition" that Pia thinks she's competing in (ooh, "River Deep Mountain High" next week -- that's barrier-breaking!); I want a show in which performers are trying to demonstrate that they can become viable contemporary artists. And I want a show which encourages her risk-taking, as opposed to what the judges and voters visited upon Naima last night. So I'm disappointed, but not surprised.

(Also, how the hell did Stefano receive more votes than Paul?)


  1. victoria9:30 PM

    I am guessing Stefano received more votes than Paul because Casey and Paul are splitting votes. At least I hope that's it, because Stefano is vaguely terrifying to me and I'd like to think David Cook will be serenading him next week.

  2. The fact that Stefano wasn't even in the bottom 3 is really sad.  That rendition of Tiny Dancer was a crying shame.  I second Adam's thoughts about Naima.  As a viewer the show will be a lot less entertaining without her.

  3. What did Ryan say? Did he say Paul was bottom 3, or that he was "not safe" or something like that? If he didn't say bottom 3, then they may have chosen to put Paul with the bottom two, say, to mobilize voters on his behalf.

  4. kevbo nobo7:17 AM

    I'm pretty sure he said Paul was bottom three.  And Ryan hinted that Casey got a shitload of votes.

  5. Complete this sentence: Jacob Lusk and Naima Adedapo's performance of "Solid" had all the sexual chemistry of _______________.

    (Related: and they didn't do this version?)" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="170" height="140

  6. Fred App7:43 AM

    "... of a rock."

  7. Jessica8:16 PM

    Thia and Naima both had a limited lifetime on this show anyway, but Stefano and Paul both have even less reason to be there!! Go away!!