Sunday, May 15, 2011

FEAR, BASICALLY. IT’S A TOUGH PRINCIPLE, BUT FEAR KEEPS PEOPLE LOYAL. IF THEY’RE AFRAID THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO LOSE, THEN THEY’LL DO WHAT YOU TELL THEM TO DO: The last time I rooted for someone this much in a reality tv finale, it was the Battle of the Davids on Idol. Before that, you might even have go back to season two of The Amazing Race (Chris/Alex v. Tara/Wil), but let's all agree on this one -- Rob Mariano has to win tonight.

He has given us so much amusement over the years, across so many seasons -- as both a competitor and as a narrator of his own game -- and has done such a masterful job this season ... I want to see him finally claim title of Sole Survivor and the million dollars, and I want to see if Survivor can have a jury that respects the game he plays. If only for the clip below, involving Lex during All-Stars ... dayenu.


  1. His original CBS bio:

    <span>Robert Mariano was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. An avid sportsman, he attended Xaverian Brothers High School where he played on the varsity hockey team and helped his golf team win the state championship in 1991-92. 

    He currently works as a foreman for a construction company while also serving as head coach for Boston University's Inline Hockey Team. In 2001, he coached the team to their first League Championship followed by their first National Tournament where they proceeded to defeat the two-time defending national champion Michigan State Spartans in overtime. 

    Mariano attended Boston University where he boxed and played rugby. In 1999, Mariano graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology. He aspires to one day become a doctor. His hobbies include hockey, fishing and playing cards. In 2000, he woke up the day of the Boston Marathon and decided to run it as an unofficial entry with absolutely no training. He stopped along the way to eat burgers and drink beer. He ended up walking the last 13 miles of the race and finished in 6 hours and 20 minutes. He couldn't walk for three days afterwards. 

    Robert Mariano currently lives in Canton, Mass., with his cat, Fred. He has one brother, Mike, and one sister, Heather. His birthdate is Dec. 25. </span>

  2. Oh, our little Rob has grown up...*tear*

  3. Daniel Fienberg1:29 PM

    Several thoughts after watching that clip...

    1) I don't remember who the heck Kathy is/was.

    2) That really *was* brutal. And brutally awesome.

    3) Boston Rob was right about Ambuh. Totally slammin'...

    4) The rain at the final Tribal Council made the moment almost like the climax of "Blade Runner."

    5) Barring the pieces falling PERFECTLY tonight, I'm not sure Boston Rob can win. I just see too many variables that leave him screwed...


  4. As long as Philip's in the final three and no one from the other tribe makes it, Rob's got a decent shot. I just hope that he *makes* it to final three, because there's a strong reason to fear his presence before a jury and want to eliminate him first. (Would love to see him do something creative with the HII.)

    On Kathy: I'll always remember her as the one who peed on someone's hand to alleviate a sea urchin sting.

  5. bella wilfer2:45 PM

    Amazing clip! Super excited for tonight. Will be massively upset if Rob loses.....

  6. cagey3:44 PM

    I have not been this excited about a Survivor Finale since Guatemala when Dani won (she and I went to the same shitty high school here in Kansas, so there was reason to be psyched that year!)

    I am also hoping for something interesting out of that HII and I REALLY hope something finally comes out of this whole Redemption Island so-called "twist" already.  Good grief.

  7. Adam C.6:58 PM

    The little C.'s are staying up for it this year, and they've been talking about it all week. I don't know what we'd do if Rob somehow doesn't make final three, but we're all pulling for him.

    I won our office pool the season Danni won, so I think that for me too it was the last time I was this excited for a Survivor final.