Thursday, November 10, 2011

DAD, THEY ALL COME FROM THE SAME ANIMAL: Understanding the periodic availability of McRib as a pork commodities arbitrage:

The theory that the McRib’s elusiveness is a direct result of the vagaries of the cash price for hog meat in the States is simple: in this thinking, the product is only introduced when pork prices are low enough to ensure McDonald’s can turn a profit on the product. The theory is especially convincing given the McRib's status as the only non-breakfast fast food pork item: why wouldn't there be a pork sandwich in every chain, if it were profitable?

Some wonderful, magical animal...


  1. This makes me wonder about the Chipotle carnitas offering.

  2. Anonymous3:08 PM

    So the lesson is that if we cut agricultural price supports, we could have a possible endless supply of McRibs? Count me in. Screw Iowa.


  3. Genevieve4:16 PM

    Chipotle has different sources of pork than McDonald's (they only use "naturally raised", i.e. vegetarian diet, no antibiotics, etc.), so I don't know if the price fluctuates as much.

  4. Sorry, but there's no way I could not post this here.

  5. Jon Huntsman's busy calculating if the pro-McRib vote is worth it.

  6. Andrew R.10:08 AM

    And that's why Chipotle carnitas burritos cost twice as much as a McRib.