Tuesday, November 8, 2011

NEW PROVO FRONT, LIBERTÉ DE QUEBEC, AND ASIAN DAWN: What if Die Hard really happpened?

(Did you know: in the German redub, the terrorists are deemed Irish? Also, this is Alan Rickman's first feature film.)


  1. isaac_spaceman6:58 PM

    They did a similar thing for the Japanese dub of The Pacific.  The Japanese soldiers were Irish terrorists. 

    No, I'm kidding.  They just did some light edits and then ran the entire series during a 30-second commercial break in Cartoon Penguin Teaches History to Pop Starlet and Retired Boxer Quiz Show! [rough translation of title of actual show]. 

  2. Eric J.7:57 PM

    Somewhat related.

    (Can someone do a Downfall remix where Hitler finds out that there's a Star Trek episode he's never seen?)

  3. Anonymous7:22 AM

    "Ms. Genero/McClane is an emotional terrorist and the most dangerous character in the film. She holds us all hostage.”


    (also: at the very bottom, you can learn that Fred Garvin finally got off the streets.)