Wednesday, November 9, 2011

THE RHINOCEROS AND THE SERPENT: Not the most dramatic episode of Survivor tonight, so thank goodness it wasn't two episodes.

This is what happens when the show has totally dispensed with all the mystical-building-a-civilization mumbo jumbo and survival skills seem irrelevant -- when all that's left is strategery, some episodes can be done this efficiently. I'm just trying to decide if Cochran/Brandon or J. Edgar/Clyde is the mancrush of the week.


  1. I'll give them credit for making me like Coach and dislike Ozzie. (Though man I wanted that fish he caught and cooked.)

  2. bella wilfer2:56 PM

    That fish was indeed impressive.  Ozzy is much better suited for RI than he is for the social game... This season is good enough that even a fairly uneventful/predictable episode like this one is still pretty awesome.  

    Did anyone else read Probst's blog where he mentions that Rick (you know, the guy who hasn't said all of three sentences the entire season) is a super-fan? Crazy.

    Sophie/Albert FTW!