Thursday, February 2, 2012

1.21 GIGAWATTS OF PURE THEATRICAL MAGIC: Nikki Finke alleges that talks are underway for Back To The Future: The Musical. It's an interesting concept, because you can certainly justify Marty bursting into song given his musical inclinations, but I'm not sure I see this one working.


  1. Professor Jeff4:13 PM

    "Whoa, This Is Heavy" (Marty)
    "I'm Your Density" (George)
    "Make Like a Tree" (Biff)
    "Great Scott!" (Doc)
    "Kissing My Brother" (Lorraine)
    "Tardy Slips" (Mr. Strickland)
    "The Plutonium Tango" (The Libyans)
    "Where We're Going (We Don't Need Roads)" (Company, Finale)

  2. I do see a big "I'm Late!" opening number for Marty (kind of in the vein of "Good Morning, Baltimore").  Also, why has no one made a Wire "Good Morning, Baltimore!" video?

  3. This is *exactly* what I thought we needed to do when I read Matt's post.  Well done!

  4. I'm hoping for "They'll Call Me Mayor" (later reprised as "They Call Me Mayor") (Goldie Wilson).
    And maybe "Incest's Just Another Word For Nothin' Left to Lose" (Lorraine).

  5. Joseph Finn7:05 PM

    What's next, someone deciding we need a Spider-Man musical?

  6. I will totally see this if it happens!

    But who would play Marty? NPH is too old. 

  7. Katie9:21 AM

    No, no, no!  I'm a BTTF purist. 

    I was recently asked for a favorite quote and I used "Roads? Where's we're going we don't need roads!"