Wednesday, February 1, 2012

YOU HAVE EXACTLY 8 HOURS AND 54 MINUTES TO THINK ABOUT WHY YOU ARE HERE:  For our many readers who serve the public in them, here's a montage of movie and tv clips set in libraries.


  1. gtv20008:58 AM

    Probably shows my age, but I immediately thought of The Music Man, and I'm glad it was well represented.  Carrion, Marian, Librarian...

  2. lauri1:52 PM

    fun, but it's missing some of my favorites.   no buffy?!?  no atonement?!?

  3. Watts3:26 PM

    <span>Library Nerd Pop Culture Moment: Was watching a season 1 or 2 episode of "Chuck" with a group that included fellow librarians. There was a plot point involving Chuck realizing that a combination of numbers and letters was a Library of Congress call number and referring to a book in the Stanford Library.  The call numbers on the books shown when he got to the stacks area in question were in the Hs, while the book titles indicated Ancient History.  More than one of us automatically went, "That'd be the Ds not the Hs."  I can't remember now the exact H range, but I think when we looked it up, it would've been the classification area for prostitution.</span>