Friday, February 3, 2012

KING OF THE IMPOSSIBLE:  American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert reportedly will be the lead singer for Queen on tour this summer.

Never not awesome:  Isaac Spaceman presents the Adam Lambert Roundtable: A Discussion of Arts, Politics, and Culture.


  1. isaac_spaceman5:11 PM

    With the caveat that I always say nobody ever should try to sing Freddie Mercury, if Queen is going to hire somebody to go out on tour, I'm okay with this.  Adam Lambert is no Mercury, but who is?  And my chief complaint with Lambert is how thin his voice is compared with Mercury, but you can just beef that up digitally on tour.  Seems kind of win-win to me.  He gets a paycheck, they get a singer. 

    1. Anonymous8:47 PM

      While his voice may have come across to you as thin on Idol, rest assured that live, his voice is huge. I was completely blown away by it. No doubt courtesy of his musical theatre background, ( aka Simon's favorite critique of Adam)

  2. Jenn.5:34 PM

    I'm a little confused by it from a branding perspective, as I would have assumed that Lambert would have been going out on a solo tour doing very different music from Queen's songs, but I imagine that this will sell a lot of tickets.

  3. Paul Tabachneck11:54 AM

    FUCK YES.  I would love to see this!