Friday, February 3, 2012

1. Winner/final score.
2. Official Game MVP.
3. Which advertiser tops the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter?
4. Predict something interesting about Madonna's performance.
5. Will Kelly Clarkson's rendition of the National Anthem be longer or shorter than 1:34? 
Tiebreaker: Pick a prop bet as listed on Football Outsiders. Get it right. The tougher the odds of winning your bet, the more credit you get.
Previous winners: 2006: Benner; 2007: me; 2008: Joseph J. Finn ; 2009: Scott; 2010: Scott again; and 2011: GoldnI. As they will tell you, the prizes are Fame and Glory within this community, but nothing financial.

[My predictions: Giants 31-24; Eli; Doritos; Nicki Minaj will be weird enough to compel my mom to call me immediately thereafter to ask me who the heck that was; shorter. Tiebreaker: Manningham (14/1) to score game's first td.]

added:  NYMag has odds on various FCC-related infractions during the halftime performance.


  1. girard319:09 AM

    1) New England 22, Giants 14
    2) Danny Woodhead
    3) Honda CRV
    4) Lady Gaga will pop out of the stage floor, and they will perform a mash up of Express Yourself/Born This Way. This event alone will overshadow a tremendously well played game.
    5) Shorter

    Prop Bet: The Gatorade will be the traditional GREEN.

  2. Neato Torpedo9:11 AM

    Pats 38, Giants 35
    Aaron Hernandez
    VW spot with the fat dog
    Instead of going full-on judgmental/smug, Costas gushes about her performance
    PROP: I'll take yes on a team converting a 4th down.  

  3. 1.  Giants, 27-21.
    2.  Jason Pierre-Paul
    3.  Honda (Broderick)
    4.  The performance does not match the leaked set list (at least one song added, subtracted or substituted).
    5.  Shorter
    Prop:  Total number of sacks OVER 4.5.

  4. I like Neato's score. I bought into a pool at work and got stuck with Pats = 8 and Giants = 5 (random draw). First 3 quarters are hopeless, with a small shot at the final score. Mostly a wasted $5.

    Madonna - Wayne and Garth make an appearance.

  5. Andrea9:51 AM

    1. Giants, 24-21
    2. VIctor Cruz
    3. Honda, Broderick
    4. She wears half gloves
    5. shorter
    Prop: The Gatorade/liquid will be orange

  6. Maggie10:13 AM

    1. Pats, 35-24
    2. Gronkowski
    3. Coca-cola polar bears
    4. Justin Timberlake shows up to accompany Madonna in an unannounced performance of "4 Minutes." (seriously wishful thinking on my part...)
    5. shorter

    Prop Bet: Will there be a special teams/defensive touchdown in the game? YES

  7. 1) Pats 31-24
    2) Brady
    3) Honda Ferris
    4) 'Wardrobe Malfunction'.  You know it has to bug Madonna that Janet got all that press.
    5) Longer

    Prop Bet:  Score will be tied at the end of the first half (14-14 for extra credit).

  8. Eric J.10:55 AM

    1) Patriots, 31-27
    2) Gronkowski
    3) Volkswagon, Star Wars Dogs
    4) Something involving a Strap-on, or allusion thereto.
    5) Longer

    Prop Bet:
    Will there be a score in the final two minutes of the first half? Yes.

  9. isaac_spaceman10:56 AM

    1. Giants, 27-24
    2. Victor Cruz!
    3. Honda
    4. Madonna will look grotesquely thin and wraithlike, causing some sort of tabloid controversy the following week, along the lines of: MADONNA: WEEKS TO LIVE? or MADONNA COCAINE WEIGHT LOSS SHOCKER or something like that.
    5.  Under

    Bonus:  Grantland tells us that there is a prop bet about whether any part of Kelly Clarkson's midriff will be bare, since it's about 50-50 in prior anthems.  Given the fake-solemnity of this event, I'm going with "covered." 

  10. isaac_spaceman10:57 AM

    Basically the same as Andrea, I see.  But I didn't peek, I swear. And Adam knows why I love Victor Cruz.

  11. 1. Pats, 2.8-17.
    2. Brady.
    3. M&M/Mars.
    4. She won't do the leaked set-list.
    5. Neither. Exactly 1:34. (If later changed to ≥/≤, wherever 1:34 ends up.)
    Prop: WILL score three times unanswered.

  12. Benner11:03 AM

    Patriots 27, Giants 21.
    Brady (but should be Gronkowski)
    There is definitionally nothing interesting about Madonna anymore.  

  13. 1. Giants 37, Pats 27
    2. Eli
    3. M&M/Mars
    4. An Announcer (likely Dan Patrick, from the studio, but possibly Chris Collinsworth, in a moment of distracted drawling exuberance) will reveal that the make-up artist who helps 53 year-old Madonna look 35 is the same one who helps 45 year-old Callista Gingrich look 65.
    5. Longer
    Prop: Red Gatorade/Drink Liquid

  14. (With hope that even mentioning a potential final score doesn't end up jinxing the Pats...)

    1. Patriots, 31-20
    2. Gronkowski
    3. Honda
    4. Madonna will play a guitar during Ray of Light.  It will look as unnatural as it always does.
    5. shorter
    tiebreaker: Total number of penalties: Under 10.5

  15. Joseph J. Finn11:52 AM

    <span>1. Giants, 31-24</span>
    <span>2. Eli Manning</span>
    <span>3. MetLife</span>
    <span>4. Her daughter is involved somehow</span>
    <span>5. Shorter</span>

    Tiebreaker: Bruins score more goals than Brady has touchdown passes.

  16. Heather k11:55 AM

    1. Giants 38-35
    2. Eli Manning
    3. Honda (Ferris Bueller)
    4. MIA and Minage will wear gigantic baby bonnets/diapers/pacifiers
    5. Under

    Prop bet--The team that scores last will win the game yes.

  17. Heather k12:00 PM

    I went giants because this is a pop culture blog and they won they Jimmy Fallon puppy bowl.

  18. 1. Pats 23-17.
    2. Brady.
    3. Honda.
    4. Deviation from the announced setlist.
    5. Under.

    Prop bet: Game will go into overtime.

  19. Will K12:24 PM

    1. Pats 35-14
    2. Brady
    3. Honda/Ferris
    4. Madonna does/wears something to show she is Giants fan (Manning jersey or something)
    5. Under
    Prop Bet: Orange Gatorade HOWEVER, a better bet would be how many times Myra Kraft is mentioned during presentation ceremony of both MVP and Lombardi Trophy

  20. isaac_spaceman12:50 PM

    My "like" is for the Madonna prediction.  That is spot-on.  She usually plays a Les Paul, right?  That is a heavy guitar. 

  21. GoldnI1:16 PM

    1. Patriots 24-20
    2. Gronkowski, after he shakes off his injury and scores two TDs
    3. Honda/BUELLER?
    4. Some sort of swipe, verbal or otherwise, at Lady Gaga
    5. Longer

    Prop bet: Yes, there will be a score in the final two minutes of the first half

  22. Benner2:11 PM

    I think she works out . . . Or do you mean heavy as in sound?

  23. Benner2:12 PM

    Prop bet, first TD Travis Beckum.

  24. Alex Gordon2:29 PM

    1. Pats 38, Giants 17
    2. Brady
    3. VW
    4. At least one kid at the party I'm at wonders why Lady Gaga's mom is performing.
    <span>5. Shorter</span>

    Prop: The Super Bowl MVP will not thank anyone.

  25. bella wilfer2:35 PM

    <span>1. Giants win, 31-24
    2. Eli Manning
    3. Honda 
    4. Madonna kisses someone during the set.
    5. Shorter</span>

    Prop: Tyree's catch will be shown more than once.


  26. Anonymous2:58 PM

    1. Pats 42-17.
    2. Brady.
    3. Volkswagon - Dieting Dog/Cantina
    4. Madonna will miscalculate the timing on her microderm abrasion that she does before big events and will look red and puffy in HD. They'll claim allergies.
    5. Shorter

    Doubling down on #1 above, prop bet Pats by >22, 10-1 odds


  27. 1.  Pats 34-27<span> </span>  
    2.  Brady
    3.  Doritos
    4.  Lourdes doing something awkward on stage.
    5.  Shorter

    Tom Brady scores first touchdown.  25-1

  28. Saray3:57 PM

    1. Pats 24-20
    2. Gronk
    3. The Star Wars dogs?  Whoever's doing that.
    4. Inappropriate kabbalah reference.
    5. Shorter

    Bonus: both teams will have the lead in the first half.

  29. StvMg8:06 PM

    1. Pats 27-24
    2. Tom Brady
    3. Honda
    4. Really quick wardrobe change (but not a malfunction)
    5. Longer

    Bonus: The most points will be scored in the fourth quarter.

  30. piledhighanddeep8:23 PM

    1. Giants 31-Pats 27
    2. Eli Manning
    3. Honda CRV
    4. Madonna will not be wearing pants.
    5. Longer
    6. Prop bet:  yes there will be a two point conversion attempted during the game.

  31. Big Joe7:37 AM

    1. Pats, 38-35
    2. Brady
    3. Chrysler
    4. Madonna won't be trying to be as "today" as her co-performers
    5. Over - with the final vote over 10 seconds.

  32. Big Joe7:37 AM

    Prop - Brady first to 10 completions.

  33. BeeFan8:58 AM

    1.  40-37
    2.  Eli Manning
    3.  Honda
    4.  Madonna's performance will run overtime and she will have to be pulled from the stage.
    5.  Under
    Prop - game decided in overtime.

  34. I am recusing myself from this year's pool.  As a native New Englander and lifelong Pats fan, my heart tells me one thing and my head another, so I can't bring myself to make a prediction.

  35. 1. Pats, 35-31
    2. Brady
    3. VW
    4. Nicki Minaj trips
    5. Under
    Prop: Successful fourth down conversion (I LOVE FOURTH DOWN CONVERSIONS!)

  36. BeeFan3:49 PM

    Addendum to my post above:
    1. 40-37, *Giants*

  37. 1. Giants, 31-24
    2.  Cruz
    3.  Honda
    4.  Janet Jackson cameo
    5.  Longer
    Prop:  Under on how many times Peyton Manning will be shown

  38. Dan Suitor1:24 AM

    1.) Patriots, in a 33 - 27 game.
    2.) Tom Brady
    3.) Chrystler
    4.) M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj will join her on stage to sing her new single "Give Me All Your Luvin", Twitter will crash.
    5.) Under on Clarkson.
    Prop: BenJarvus Green-Ellis to score the first New England TD at 9/2 odds (+450).

  39. Roger6:49 PM

    Uh, I mean, Prop bet: Someone will score a safety.