Friday, February 4, 2011

1. Winner/final score.
2. Official Game MVP.
3. Since Anheuser-Busch has lost the past two years after its previous decade of dominance, we can again ask: which Super Bowl advertiser tops the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter?
4. Predict the Black Eyed Peas's setlist. (Bonus points for anything else you successfully predict about the halftime show, whether it's a JabbaWockeeZ appearance or accidental micturation.)
5. Will Christina Aguilera's rendition of the National Anthem be longer or shorter than 1:52?
Tiebreaker: Pick a prop bet as listed on Football Outsiders.  Get it right.  The tougher the odds of winning your bet, the more credit you get.
Previous winners: 2006: Benner; 2007: me; 2008: Joseph J. Finn ; 2009: Scott and 2010: Scott again. As they will tell you, the prizes are Fame and Glory within this community, but nothing financial.

[My predictions: Packers 34-20; Rodgers; old reliable Anheuser-Busch; I Gotta Feeling/(the one with the Dirty Dancing sample)/Boom Boom Pow/Where's The Love?; shorter; Yes on Tramon Williams INT, +300.]


  1. Anonymous10:05 AM

    <span>Chelsea 0, Liverpool 2. Goals from Suarez and Kuyt. Torres put in as a 70th minute substitute to tumultous applause and immediately gets hacked by Skrtel.  
    LFC has had a lot of drama this year and it's finally turning around. YNWA, bitches.  
    Oh, the "American" football match?  
    1. Green Bay 35, Pittsburgh 24  
    2. Aaron Rodgers  
    3. Snickers Bitchfest with Rosanne and Richard Lewis. Because if America loves anything, it's annoying comedians from the '80s. Bobcat was unavailable?  
    4. Let's get it Started/don't pfunk with my heart/ I gotta feeling  
    5. Over  
    6. First touchdown - Aaron Rodgers 14/1.  

  2. Maggie10:29 AM

    1. Green Bay 31 - Pittsburgh 17
    2. Aaron Rodgers
    3. Coca Cola
    4. Let's Get It Started/I Gotta Feeling/Where Is the Love? (possibly with Timberpants cameo)
    5. Under
    Tiebreaker - Gatorade color - Lime Green (5/1)

  3. 1) Steelers 31, Packers 28
    2) Roethlisberger
    3) Pepsi
    4) Let's get it Started/Boom Boom Pow/I Gotta Feeling
    5) Under
    6) First Touchdown - Heath Miller (12/1)

  4. 1. Pittsburgh 24, Green Bay 20
    2. Hines Ward (I actually think that it will be Ben R., but I refuse to hitch my wagon to that sh*t)
    3. What an uninspiring sounding bunch of ads.  I'm going to go with Anheuser Busch
    4. I Gotta Feeling / their-current-crap-single/Boom Boom Pow
    5. Over.  Way the hell over.
    Tiebreaker:  They will show Ben R.'s fiancee first (actually, several times)

  5. Adam, I think you already win by virtue of using the word "micturation."

  6. 1. 27-24 Green Bay
    2. Rogers
    3. Volkswagon
    4. I Gotta Feeling/ Where is the Love/ Boom Boom Pow
    5. Over. Around 2 minutes probably.

    Tiebreaker: Orange Gatorade bath

  7. Paul Tabachneck11:51 AM

    I would like for the score to start at 14-14, and remain that way through the first three quarters.  Then, in the fourth quarter, I would like the Packers to get one field goal, and for Pittsburgh to get three touchdowns, for a final score of 35-17.

    I would like this because Pittsburgh would win by a lot, and because I would win with both of my squares on the office football pool.  So:

    1. 35-17 Steelers
    2. Rashard Mendenhaal
    3. Geico.  They will come up with some new science that you could not conceive of.  They have done so like eighty times already.
    4. The BEP will descend in a spaceship -- not a prop, an actual spaceship -- BoomBoomPow,A snippet of something new,Big Girls Don't Cry/I Gotta Feelin'/BoomBoomPow (reprise)
    5. Longer, for Christina Aguilera is the Tiger Woods of melisma.

    Tiebreaker: Obama will pick the Steelers.

  8. T. Jaxon12:31 PM

    1.  Steelers 26-20
    2.  Mendenhaal
    3.  Volkswagen
    4.  Lets Get It Started/I Gotta Feeling/Boom Boom Pow (with special guest stars Daft Punk)
    5.  Shorter - 1:41

    Tiebreaker:  OVERTIME +900

  9. Dan Suitor1:08 PM

    1.) 34 - 28, Packers

    2.) Aaron Rodgers. If you're assuming the Packers win, it's the most likely choice. QB's have won six of the past 10 MVPs (HT: The B.S. Report). Two more have been WRs, but Greg Jennings can be shut down and Donald Driver is a very good possession receiver who doesn't have his old burst. With Pittsburg's 0-line issues though, I wouldn't be surprised if Clay Matthews or B.J. Raji had an insane day.

    3.) I'm going to go with Mars, largely because Rosanne and Richard Lewis are incredibly recognizable to the mid-30s to early-50s demographic that flocks to the Super Bowl.

    4.) Let's Get It Started, Boom Boom Pow, I Gotta Feeling. Slash and Usher have already been spoiled as appearances, but I'll go with a leitmotif (at some point) of My Humps, and I'm really pulling for Where Is The Love? to make an appearance (complete with JT paying slight reference to the Janet Jackson affair).

    5.) Slightly fading star (just a little luster lost) with the largest TV audience ever, probably? OVER.

    TIEBREAKER: Will Shaun Suisham miss a field goal? YES +300

  10. bella wilfer1:19 PM

    I never win this, but I guess you never know...

    1. Green Bay, 28 - 24 
    2. Aaron Rodgers
    3. Volkswagen (I mean, have you SEEN that adorable Darth Vader commercial?)
    4. Let's Get It Started/that Dirty Dancing thing on the radio now/I Got A Feeling/Boom Boom Pow.  No Timberlake/Where Is The Love - I heard he hurt himself on set of his movie, but maybe that's a bad rumor?
    5. Shorter.
    Tiebreaker - we'll see Ben R's fiancee first (though was I the only one who didn't know Aaron R was dating Vanessa from Gossip Girl???)

  11. Benner1:19 PM

    1.  Packers 24, Steelers 20.
    2.  Aaron Rodgers (but it should be Clay Matthews)
    3.  Bud Light
    4.  Let's Get It Started and two other songs while I do something other than watch the Black Eyed Peas.  Maybe that Obama song.
    5.  2 minutes even.
    6.  Fergie dresses like a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.  (Might work on anyone but me.)

  12. Adam C.1:21 PM

    1.  Steelers 27-23
    2.  Roethlisberger. Regrettably.
    3.  Volkswagen.  
    4.  LGIS/I Gotta Feeling/BoomBoomPow/snippet of Just Can't Get Enough/The Time (bonus prediction: the Super Bowl Halftime Show's first ever Autotune Malfunction.)
    5.  Under
    TB:  First TD, Heath Miller (12/1)

  13. Lou W2:26 PM

    1. Steelers 17 Packers 14
    2. Mendenhaal
    3. Volkswagon (in the bag...the ad is brilliant)
    4. Lets Get It Started/I Gotta Feeling/Boom Boom Pow
    5. Under
    TB. Number of times Brett Favre is mentioned. O/U is 2.5. I'm taking over and calling 8!

  14. Lou W2:26 PM

    1. Steelers 17 Packers 14
    2. Mendenhaal
    3. Volkswagon (in the bag...the ad is brilliant)
    4. Lets Get It Started/I Gotta Feeling/Boom Boom Pow
    5. Under
    TB. Number of times Brett Favre is mentioned. O/U is 2.5. I'm taking over and calling 8!

  15. bella wilfer2:32 PM

    Oooh, The Time, that's what that Dirty Dancing song must be called.  (See, this blog does teach me something new every day...)

  16. Benner2:49 PM

    As a musician, don't you find that holding a single note for a long time is harder than Melisma?  Tests breath control.  I certainly did when I was in chorus. 

    I did not know that Aaron Rodgers was dating Vanessa from Gossip Girl.  I think both of them can do better.

  17. GoldnI2:56 PM

    1.  Green Bay, 20-17.

    2.  Aaron Rodgers.  And then we'll all get to point at Brett Favre and laugh.

    3.  Maybe living in St. Louis for the last three years has influenced me on this, but I say Anheuser-Busch takes it back.

    4.  Let's Get It Started/Boom Boom Pow/Just Can't Get Enough/I Gotta Feeling

    5.  Longer, and there will be some sort of technical problem.

    Tie-breaker:  There will be a defensive/special teams TD scored: +145

  18. Andrew4:52 PM

    <span>1. Green Bay, 27-19  
     2. Aaron Rodgers.   
     3. VW  
     4. Four songs that have never been played in my kitchen.   
     5. Longer  
    <span>How Many Times will FOX mention "Brett Favre" on TV during the Game?
    Over/Under: 2.5

    Over. Well over. 

  19. Paul Tabachneck5:06 PM

    It's true, I have some long notes on my album that were a bitch to get (and I still wince when they come because I'm positive I'm going to slide off pitch), but it's just as difficult to go "up and down the stairs," tripping through ranges, the way she does.  She doesn't just employ melisma, she OWNS it and does it better than almost anyone else -- and she holds a lot of notes doing it.

  20. piledhighanddeep8:38 PM

    1. Packers over Steelers, 24-21
    2. Aaron Rodgers
    3. Snickers
    4. Let's Get It Started/I Gotta Feelin'/The Time (Dirty Bit)/Boom Boom Pow
    5. Longer, but not too much...maybe 2:00
    Tiebreaker: Prop bet:  Brett Favre's name will be mentioned many more times than 2.5.  Many, many more.

    I feel compelled to mention that the Madden '10 game predicts that the Steelers will win 24-21, coming from behind in the 4th quarter after a bad first half.  We shall see.... 

  21. Genevieve8:58 PM

    These are from the kiddo, as I know less than nothing about football:

    1.  Packers 23-17
    2.  Aaron Rodgers
    3.  Volkswagen
    4.  I Got a Feeling / Boom Boom Pow / I'mma Be
    5.  longer

    Tiebreaker:  Player to score first TD, Jordy Nelson (14-1)

  22. 1. Pitt 27-20
    2. Big Ben
    3. VW
    4. Let's get it stared/ Boom boom pow/ I got a feeling
    5. Longer
    Tiebreaker is BJ on offense

  23. StvMg8:43 AM

    1. Steelers: 31-27
    2. Ben Roethlisberger
    3. Volkswagen
    4. Let's Get It Started/The Time/Where Is The Love/I Gotta Feeling
    5. Longer

    Tiebreaker: I predict someone from the Packers will indeed attempt the Lambeau Leap after a touchdown.

  24. Joseph Finn9:33 AM

    <span>1. Packers, 30-27
    2. Rodgers for MVP
    3. Volkswagen wins the AdMeter in a rout, unless Old Spice pulls something great.
    4. Dirty Momma, I Gotta Feeling, Boom Boom Pow (bonus: cameo by Aguilera at some point)
    5. Longer than 1:52</span>
    Tiebreaker:  Will Troy Polamalu have an interception: NO</span>

  25. Michele10:17 AM

    Packers 27 Steelers 20
    Aaron Rodgers
    Let's Get It Started / Boom Boom Pow / The Time / I Gotta Feeling
    longer than 1:52

    How Many Times will FOX mention "Brett Favre" on TV during the Game?
    Over/Under: 2.5

    Over.  I'm so sick of Brett Favre

    Fun point to ponder - how hard will Lea Michele try to upstage Christina Aguilera?

  26. Tom B.3:58 PM

    1. Packers 24, Steelers 13
    2. Aaron Rodgers
    3. Anheuser-Busch
    4. Let's Get It Started/I Gotta Feeling/The Time/Where Is The Love. Usher and Slash will show up (already announced/spoiled). I see Slash on I Gotta Feeling and Usher singing part of Where Is The Love, with a chorus backing them up.
    5. Shorter

    Under on the points for Mason Crosby and no on the Aguilera cowboy hat. Also, George W. appears on TV at some point.

  27. Roger6:37 PM

    1. Steelers 28-27, because then I'd win a pool one of our translation vendors is running.
    2. Mendenhaal.
    3. Volkswagen.
    4. Let's Get it Started/I Gotta Feeling/Boom Boom Pow/Where Is The Love
    5. Longer
    Tiebreaker: Will there be a special teams or defensive touchdown scored during the game? Yes +145

  28. MidwestAndrew7:26 PM

    1. Packers 24, Steelers 16
    2. James Starks
    3. Anheuser-Busch
    4. Really don't care. I can't stand listening to them. Let's Get it Started/Boom Boom Pow/I Gotta Feeling/Where is the Love
    5. Under
    Bonus: Yes, for James Starks scoring a touchdown in the game.

  29. Anonymous3:50 PM

    1.  Packer 27-24
    2.  Sam Shields
    3.  Volkwsagon
    4.  Lets Get It Started/Boom Pow Pow/I Gotta Feeling
    5.  Over
    6.  Jerry Jones showings: Under 3.