Sunday, February 26, 2012

THE PURSUIT OF THE NAKED GOLD MAN: An open thread for your discussion of the Academy Awards, the sartorial choices associated therewith, and the lameness of Billy Crystal.


  1. OK, I admit it, I am glad Billy Crystal is back.

  2. Adam C.8:52 PM

    So, so, so very lame.

  3. I accidentally watched the last 8 minutes, waiting for something better to watch, like celebrity apprentice or something on the food network.

    Billy Crystal is somehow even less relevant and less funny than expected. J Lo's cleavage? Spectacular.

  4. What is wrong with their stage microphones?  That digital squeak on the high vowels is killing me.

  5. Jennifer10:35 PM

    No matter how much bitching there will be about how boring Billy Crystal is-- and there will be-- he's still better than well, pretty much anyone else who has ever tried the job.

    That said, I wouldn't mind if Emma Stone gave it a whirl, but that probably won't happen after last year's debacle.

  6. Carmichael Harold11:09 PM

    I'm not sure whether it's because I wasn't passionate about many of the movies, or whether it was some combination of the comfortable hackiness of the hosting and the general small feel of the production itself (the squeaking mike, the constant, tight camera angles reducing the stage), but I'm finding this all to be just unrelentingly mediocre.  It's not bad, but it sure isn't good.

  7. Bring back Letterman!

  8. I thought Emma Stone was great!

  9. I'd watch the Oscars if Melissa McCarthy were hosting.

  10. Joseph J, Finn11:50 PM

    Not bad at all this year; I did 63% overall, 50% including wins by gimmick films.

  11. I'd let Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson host.  I'd let Hanks or Baldwin.  I think Sandra Bullock would do a fine job.  I thought Hathaway was charming.

  12. Too brisk a show, if that's possible.  Cut out the Cirque number and replace it with two minutes on each of the nine nominated films.

    It was a show with one surprise, one which no one really wanted but which you couldn't be too too upset about.

  13. Jordan11:58 PM

    Downey was great, especially the Herzog line.  Let him host.

    The big surprise?  Peter Lorre winning for best picture.

  14. Marsha12:36 AM

    That was horriffic. I kept looking around my living room to see what was making that noise. Ugh.

    A friend's theory is that it was caused by the big crystals at the back of the stage (rather than the big Crystal at the front).

  15. Anonymous7:49 AM

    I had not known the name Nat Faxon before other than "Jim Rash's writing partner". Imagine my surprise when the guy Casey beat at the Party Down company picnic comes up to get an racsO. (going with you tube reversal trick, now they can't claim copyright violation).


  16. I think Hathaway got a bad rap last year because she wound up having to overcompensate for Franco deciding to be uber-laconic, so wound up veering into mania, which gave us bizarreness like her shimmying in the fringed dress.  She was really good in that Hugh Jackman opening number a few years back, for instance.

  17. sea0tter129:23 AM

    Hugh Jackman should host every year.

  18. KCosmo's neighbor10:12 AM

    I have a question (which I'm sure was answered a few weeks back): why only two nominated original songs? I know for sure that those were not the ONLY two original songs from the past year. Case in point: Madonna won a Golden Globe for her song in W.E. Am I missing something? was fine. I thought Billy Crystal was fine. I laughed when he did the "What are they thinking right now?" bit. It's the most difficult job in show business, without a doubt. I can't imagine how it must feel for some of the first-timers (like the animated short producers--non-Hollywood types) to get up there and speak in front of all those egos.

    And why...WHHHHYYYY...does Angelina Jolie always get praised for what she wears? She has not a single curve left to her (leaving her lips out of this). I think her arms are just going to crack off one of these days.

    On the opposite side of that...did Glenn Close not look spectacular? Unbelievable! And of course, all the obvious glamazons brought it as usual--Penelope, Cameron, etc.

  19. Sheila10:21 AM

    I read a good explanation of this...somewhere online. Maybe someone here can find it? From what I remember, academy members rate each potential nominee and only those with a high enough rating are eligible for nomination. Unless there is only one, in which case the second highest also gets in. I think. The basic point was that this is the only award where members can vote *against* something by giving it a low initial rating.

  20. Jim Bell10:21 AM

    I really disagree, even though I think that in the past he has done a good job. But in terms of the best hosters of all time, Bob Hope and Johnny Carson were both better than Chrystal IMHO.  I want to be clear here, even though I thought last night was lame, and that Billy's best Oscar hosting days are behind him, I really like him, He has given me great laughs in the past, and I Hope that he has one or two more gutbusters left in him before he leaves the mortal coil.   

  21. isaac_spaceman10:29 AM

    Billy Crystal and lack of interest in the Artist were the two principal things keeping me away from this, and they were 100% successful.     

  22. The Pathetic Earthling10:44 AM

    That was really impressive.

  23. Two points here:

    1.  The Oscars have a strict "must be used in the film" rule.  This means that the song must appear in the film proper or be the first thing you hear when credits roll.  This has disqualified several songs over the years (Madonna's this year, "Wunderkind" from Chronicles of Narnia a few years back).  In addition, the song must be submitted for consideration.  Frequently, a studio will submit only one or two songs from a film to avoid vote splitting (for instance, last year, "Tangled" made only one submission despite several eligible songs, and I believe "Muppets" submitted "Man or Muppet," "Pictures In My Head," and "Life's A Happy Song," but not "Let's Talk About Me.")

    2.  A nominating panel watches the clips that feature the eligible song.  They score them on a scale of 6-10. (I don't know why it's 6-10 and not 1-5.  It just is.)  8.25 is the magic cut-off point.  Three things may happen then:

    A)  No song scores above 8.25--the category is eliminated for the year.
    B)  Only one song scores above 8.25--that song and the next highest scorer are the only two nominees.
    C)  More than one song scores above 8.25--the 3 or 5 top scoring songs (depending on how many submissions there were that year) are nominated.

    I believe the documentary branch uses a similar system, though without the automatic elimination.

  24. Marsha11:04 AM

    Wow - that was great. And he was cute back then.

  25. KCosmo's neighbor11:22 AM

    Thanks for the explanation.

  26. The real question is, what was up with Angelina Jolie's leg last night?  Why was she standing like that?  I sort of love the non-Alexander Payne "Descendants" screenwriters for openly mocking her stance, though. 

  27. Gleemonex12:00 PM

    Haaa! me too, Aimee. That one guy was really workin it. 

  28. Gleemonex12:05 PM

    Holy cringeballs, they have GOT to stop it with the direct addressing of the Actor/Actress nominees from the stage when they're reading their nominations. STOP IT RIGHT NOW. Never do it again. It is the absolute worst. 

    Secondly, the Death Montage was notable for the lack of applause -- I've always hated the applause-o-meter part of it (which was gauche, embarrassing and sad), so even if all they did was cut the audio to the home audience, that is fine by me (but I do like to picture signs dropping down for the theater audience: NO FUCKING CLAPPING, YOU OVERDRESSED BABOONS). And I like it that lesser-known people are on there, but ... but ... did I see a marketing/PR person in the mix? What the fuck? 

  29. isaac_spaceman2:05 PM

    The real question is, what was up with Angelina Jolie's leg last night

    Had nothing to do with her leg.  It was just really stuffy in her crotch, so she was trying to get a cross-breeze going. 

    Note:  prior version of this joke was much more blue.

  30. Watts4:25 PM

    Someone at my house had not only not seen but not even heard of any of the nine nominated films. For his sake, I was bummed they didn't do the traditional introduction of each Best Picture Nom.

  31. Becca4:56 PM

    The Herzog line was the best part of what I saw of the show. I actually went back to watch again. Also, I can't believe Meryl won. I mean, sure, I can. But yawn. What an uninspired choice. 

  32. Katie7:43 PM

    I'm catching up via the DVR, and I'm damn glad I didn't watch this live
    I have muted the TV at least 5 times trying to pinpoint where the hell that car alarm is coming from
    And considering I live in a town with more cows than cars, I appreciate this blog confirming that blasted noise isn't coming FROM INSIDE THE TV!!!!

    (and if the director of this telecast wins an Emmy, I'll eat my shoe.  Such TERRIBLE shot choices!)

  33. Katie8:22 PM

    whoops...IS coming from inside the tv

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