Friday, March 23, 2012

IDLE MUSINGS:  This actual season of American Idol, at the moment, isn't nearly as interesting for me as the discussion/mock draft Bill Simmons hosted on the B.S. Report this week: if you had an unlimited budget, and the people you ask would say yes, what's your dream American Idol judging panel?  Timberlake-Madonna-Prince, anyone?  Harry Connick Jr-Stevie Wonder-Cyndi Lauper?

[Yes, Isaac, you can pick NPR NPH and Anne Hathaway.]


  1. Anonymous6:37 PM

    The re-animated corpse of Frank Sinatra, or the reanimated corpse of Phil Hartman AS Frank Sinatra.
    Thomas Pynchon.
    And, okay, fine, Madonna then.


  2. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Wait. NPR? Is that like when I type Dailykos, instead of Dailymail?

  3. Nick Hornby
    Tom Waits
    Audra MacDonald

    bullpen: Har Mar Superstar, John Wesley Harding, Rickie Lee Jones

  4. If Carl Kassell were on the Idol panel?  I'd watch.  And Daily Kos features many fewer gratutious lingerie/bikini pictures than does Daily Mail.

  5. victoria10:58 PM

    I am thinking the ideal panel would have diversity (both in terms of musicality and in terms of background), a sense of humor, and probably at least one person with experience on the industry/production side and at least one person who can speak somewhat to vocal technique. And someone snarky. And someone who is capable of bringing the cray-cray but not all the time. Maybe Elvis Costello, Jay-Z, and Carrie Brownstein? Loretta Lynn, Michael Slezak, Kanye West?

  6. Love the Costello / Jay-Z / Brownstein panel.
    Trying to come up with a groups that includes Bob Stinson (as long as we're reanimating corpses).

  7. Roger5:01 PM

    I feel like there's room for Abed. Maybe Troy and Abed in one seat, like the Smothers Brothers in one square on Hollywood Squares.