Tuesday, March 20, 2012

... YOU BEST NOT MISS:  Following up on our earlier story, Wendy's has indeed passed Burger King to become America's #2 fast food burger chain. BK has accordingly retired its Howard Eskin lookalike mascot "and launched a new advertising campaign focused more on food."

Subway and Starbucks remain 2-3 on the overall "restaurant chain" list, and the list of fastest-growing chains (with sales of at least $200M) is topped by Five Guys, Chipotle, and Jimmy John's.


  1. Becca4:12 PM

    Seriously. I adore Chipotle. And back when I ate burgers, I preferred Wendy's. That square patty is the bomb. 

  2. Emily9:30 AM

    I eat at Chipotle so much that last week the manager bought my dinner. A buyback from a fast food place, who knew?