Thursday, June 14, 2012

CAIN IP 9.0 H 0 R 0 E 0 BB 0 K 14:  I'm sure it doesn't hurt to have 10 runs in support and some great defense in the field, but that was one hell of a performance.  I am informed that 14 strikeouts ties Koufax's record for K's in a perfect game.

And, in all events, the first perfect game in Giants history.


  1. Adam C.1:15 AM

    Giants franchise history. (That's a long time.)

    Outstanding performance by Cain.  That said, I'm somewhat dumbfounded by the notion that of the 22 perfect games in major league history, five have taken place since 2009.

  2. Adam C.1:29 AM

    Some historical context on Cain's performance from Dave Cameron at Fangraphs (shorter Cameron: Wow.)

  3. Joseph Finn10:45 AM

    Congratulations to Cain and Phil Humber!

  4. isaac_spaceman1:50 PM

    A woman in my office was at the game and left in the seventh inning.  Her explanation:  "they were up by ten runs, and I was on my bike."  The collective shaming by our office -- men and women alike -- was slightly terrifying.  How an usher didn't turn her around is beyond me. 

  5. Marsha3:15 PM

    I was at David Wells' perfect game. This was before I kept score at every game. I had gone to the bathroom in the third inning and for some reason I got it in my head that he'd walked a guy. So I thought I was watching a no hitter rather than a perfect game. Not that a no-hitter is anything to sneeze at, but it's a whole different level of excitement. So as the excitement was building in the 7th and 8th, i didn't really know what was going on. Thank goodness I figured it out in time to fully enjoy the ninth inning...

    Isaac, your colleague does not deserve to attend baseball games.

  6. Mike Schmelzer6:47 PM

    The usher wanted to turn her around but knew that that would jinx it. Well played, usher!

  7. isaac_spaceman8:11 PM

    I know.  It was her third baseball game ever, and she's an A's fan by birth, but still.  She understood when she left that no Astro had reached base, but she didn't know exactly how rare a perfect game is.  I could excuse her for that, but how she could miss the collective tension rising in that stadium is beyond me.  Incidentally, she is very smart woman and not at all the kind of person who would indulge in any kind of proud cluelessness (like I unfairly assume of a lot of Giants fans I see wandering around my office on game days). 

  8. bristlesage12:40 PM

    "An A's fan by birth".  Hey!  Don't try to fob off her cluelessness on her fanship, man.  It's hard enough A's fanning it as is!  I don't need people to think I'm clueless (about baseball).

    (Seriously, though, what the WHAT?!  I was once at a game that was a no-hitter into the eighth and it was getting very tense in the stadium; you could feel the bigness of the event.  And that was just a no-hitter!)