Thursday, June 14, 2012

HE GIVES YOU MORE THAN YOU WERE ASKING, MORE, PROBABLY, THAN ANY SANE ACTOR WOULD OR SHOULD:  Will Leitch grades the performances in Rock of Ages based on each actor's demonstrated capacity to rock. Having not seen the Broadway show, am not sure how to prioritize this film. Thoughts?


  1. Joseph J. Finn9:18 AM

    Below breaking a leg but above scoliosis?

  2. Jim Bell11:53 AM

    I don't care what anybody says, I love Tom Cruise.  In any movie, no matter how bad, he is awesome.  And yes, I've seen cocktail and all the right moves.  Love him and don't care how crazy he is, he's not coming over for dinner or the weekend.  Just wanna see him act.  Show me the money.  You've lost that loving feeling.

  3. Nigel from Cameroon2:26 PM


  4. bella wilfer3:22 PM

    I also love Tom Cruise and will be seeing this movie on Friday night.  Loved the Broadway show and excited to see if the film version is awesome or a train wreck.  I have a feeling I will enjoy it either way.

  5. Carrie4:50 PM

    The Leitch piece is a brilliant analysis of base metals. The film is double-cheese, but Cruise, who's always best when he sings and dances on screen, and Akerman are fun:

  6. Joan H6:32 PM

    I want to see this but will probably wait until it gets to the small screens, unless I can catch my husband in a goofy mood.  First of all, I love musicals, and I adore over-the-top melodrama when it's sincere: Moulin Rouge! is exactly my cup of tea, so to speak.  Second, as noted, Tom Cruise never phones it in.  I've always admired him as an actor even while recognizing he's an idiot in real life.  I don't care about that.  Cruise in Tropic Thunder was a revelation.  So even while I know that it's going to be incredibly stupid, I still think this movie will be fun and I'll enjoy it. 

  7. Watts7:49 PM

    Tom Cruise is, to me, one of those actors who just has buckets of charisma. I always think of this scene from "Jerry Maguire" - look at that guy - I want to have THAT smile and be driving THAT car and singing along to THAT song and that's the essence of movie star.