Saturday, June 16, 2012

I JUST DON'T THINK I CAN DO ANYTHING IN 140 CHARACTERS:  Aaron Sorkin talks (and talks, and walks-and-talks) with Mark Harris about The Newsroom, the status of his John Edwards film, why he won't let his daughter watch Sports Night, what makes writing for cable better (N.B. to Matt: all ten episodes will be in the can before the first one airs), and why he can't watch any episode from the last three seasons of The West Wing:
[T]he day before the season-five premiere aired, a copy was messengered to me. I stuck the tape in, and I did not get even 60 seconds into it before I had to shut it off. Not because it was great, not because it was less than great, but because it was like watching somebody make out with my girlfriend.

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  1. Devin McCullen10:38 PM

    One irony is that if he'd been able to watch Season 7 of The West Wing, he'd have seen the kind of moderate Republican he talks about never seeing anymore.