Sunday, June 17, 2012

HUNGARY'S TEAM LOOKS LIKE IT SURVIVED AN ANTI-FUR PROTEST:  Buzzfeed collects 12 ridiculous Olympic opening ceremony outfits across history. France's 1976 garb is so Beauxbatons it's scary, but I'm not sure how 2008's Dutch blazers or the 2010 Azerbaijan slacks got a pass.


  1. Joseph J. Finn10:16 PM

    Is it wrong that I kind of like the 2008 Hungary outfits?

    Also, 2012 Australia, can we talk?  Did someone from Qantas or RyanAir design these uniforms for 2012?  Remember 1998, when yu strode in looking badass in these?  (OK, that was Winter, but still.)

  2. Slowlylu10:55 PM

    See I like the new Australian uniforms - they're a call back thankfully to the Empire Games and not to the 1976 Montreal Games

  3. Joseph J. Finn11:18 PM

    Yowza.  Were they designed by the same people who did the 1970s Pirates?