Wednesday, June 20, 2012

SEND A RAVEN TO WINTERFELL NOW AND TELL ROBB STARK TO GO BACK HOME:  Game of Thrones: the political attack ads.


  1. The Pathetic Earthling11:02 AM

    I like that Demon Sheep has made a triumphant return to the interwebs.

  2. *snort*  They were all funny, but I think the most effective was "Danaerys Targaryen.  Wrong for Dragons.  Wrong for the Realm."

  3. Jordan12:29 PM

    Like it's really a choice.  I bet I'd be a candidate if my parents could afford dragons.  And everyone knows that Joffery's never served a day in his life, he's just been spending mommy's money.  Let's forget these bluebloods and get behind a man of the people.  Mance 2012.

  4. Eric J.1:50 PM

    Look, Stannis Baratheon may not be the most charismatic candidate, but he's a proven leader with a track record in his own lands. And those same critics who say he can't be trusted because of his R'hllormonism would be shouting "Bigot" at anyone who suggested an Old-Godist or a Moonsinger wasn't fit for the Throne.

  5. The Pathetic Earthling4:03 PM

    Randall Tarly as Master of Laws?  He sent his son to the Wall instead of killing the craven in the woods!  He's soft on cowardice!

  6. Duvall4:11 PM

    I accept Daenerys Targaryen at her word when she says she was born in Westeros.  But isn't it convenient that every person that could confirm that fact has died under suspicious circumstances?