Monday, June 18, 2012

18.0 IP 2 H 0 ER 2 BB 25 K:  Thirty-seven year old knuckleballer R.A. Dickey, a career .500 pitcher, has now thrown complete game one-hitters in two consecutive starts. He is the first pitcher since Dave Stieb in September 1988 to do so. What a great baseball story.


  1. Marsha11:57 PM

    And i'm still swooning. I love me a good knuckleballer - always have. And this one's a Met, so double-squee!!!!

  2. BeeFan7:42 AM

    I'm surprised any pitcher has actually thrown two consecutive complete games since 1988.  I guess knuckleballers don't do pitch counts?

  3. I can't even feel bad about the Orioles losing that one. As for pitch counts, he rarely got deep into the count. I will point out that one of his walks was to the opposing pitcher. But yeah, phenomenal.

  4. I haven't read his book, but I heard him talk about it on NPR.  Amazing back-story, never mind the knuckleball.

  5. isaac_spaceman11:37 AM

    I will ever count him a Mariner.  One gets irrationally attached to decent 4th and 5th starters (guys like Dickey and Fister) on terrible teams.  It wasn't their fault Chone Figgins can't hit. 

  6. Andrew2:54 PM

    Dickey was the one good pickup I've made in ALOTT5MAball. 

    There's a dopcumentary (one of the few films that I actually wanted to see at Tribeca and missed) about knuckleballers, including Dickey and Tim Wakefield called Knuckleball!

  7. Saray5:24 PM

    I saw "Knuckleballer" at Tribeca.  It was AWESOME.  Well worth searching out when it gets released for home consumption.

    This is why knuckleballers rule.  Economy of motion = moar pitchez.