Thursday, June 21, 2012

GROOVY:  If you enjoyed MLB's faux-future "Turn Ahead The Clock" jerseys from 1999, check out the Tampa Bay Rays' "1979 faux-back" uniforms they'll be wearing next Saturday.


  1. I love this idea.  Fantastic.  Bravo. 

  2. isaac_spaceman10:40 AM

    Wouldn't the faux '79 Rays be the Devil Rays? 

  3. <span>Isaac, I thought of that, too. But maybe in this imagined past they were the Rays, then the Devil Rays, then the Rays again. Maybe there was a time when they were the Tampa Bay Devil Rays of St. Petersburg. Remember that time they signed a midget* in 1981? (*Midget being the appropriate term circa 1981.)</span>
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  4. Adam C.2:50 PM

    Love it too.  A shame they've never tried something based on the old Tampa Bay Rowdies font/color scheme, but there's always next year.

  5. isaac_spaceman4:03 PM

    Always a good time to point out that we still haven't had the HOUSTON BABIES throwbacks yet.

  6. isaac_spaceman4:06 PM

    I call shenanigans.  Before they changed their name to the Devil Rays, they were just the Tampa Satans, and before that, way back into the early 1960s, they were the Tampa Hilariously Tipsy Drivers. 

  7. Joseph Finn6:40 PM

    Needs Sansabelt pants, but the major problem for me is that these look like road uniforms.  Where are the home whites?!?

    (Incidentally, someone pointed out the shoulder patch is the city seal of St. Petersburg ca. 1979, which is fantastic for pointing out the silliness of calling themselves a "Tampa Bay" team.)

  8. Duvall7:24 PM

    To be fair, Tampa Bay does touch both Tampa and St. Petersburg.