Thursday, June 14, 2012

WELL, THIS ISN'T MY WAY:  How is Burger King fighting back after having fallen behind Wendy's in sales volume?  Two words: bacon sundae.  (Time to bring back Herb? Sir Shakes A Lot?)


  1. christy in nyc9:48 PM

    None of that can compete with a spicy chicken sandwich, a baked potato, a root beer float, and the fact that there are no Burger Kings in my neighborhood.

  2. patricia10:27 AM

    The BK bacon sundae was reviewed on one of The Atlantic's blogs rather, um, dismissively, leading to this awesomeness from Linda Holmes.

  3. Marsha12:04 PM

    We love you, Linda, oh yes we dooooooo....

  4. Anonymous10:20 PM

    that (linda holmes) made my day (post getting the kid in bed internet and wine interlude)

  5. that's me.

  6. Paul Tabachneck10:58 PM

    If Burger King wants to really boost their sales, they should think about taking the trademark off of the words "Flame-broiled flavor" and actually flavor their burgers with the flames off of their broilers, like they did in the 80s, instead of pre-flavoring and searing the patties in-factory. 

    That said, bacon and ice cream was a great combination last summer, and I see no reason why everyone shouldn't get to have fun with it.  Flavor doesn't expire.