Thursday, July 12, 2012

DO YOU MIND IF I LOOK AROUND THE CAR A LITTLE BIT?  A line-by-line analysis of the legal accuracy of Jay-Z's "99 Problems."


  1. ChinMusic11:06 AM

    The legal analysis was amusing, but most interesting was the footnote quoting Jay-Z saying at no point in this song is he talking about a woman and that, at least with respect to the second verse, the probem he does not have refers to a k9 dog rather than a woman. 

  2. Melissa R.1:48 PM

    I remember getting into an argument with an ex, who LOVED Jay-Z's book, regarding this song ...I was always annoyed by the fact that he presents himself as a sympathetic victim of an a-hole rascist cop that is stereotyping him as a drug-running criminal...except, um, he WAS drug running. 

  3. isaac_spaceman3:56 PM

    So he's leaving open the possibility that he has a problem with a woman?

  4. sconstant9:35 PM

    I think this is the better of the two law review articles I've read this month, but the other one ( ) was also interesting, if less relevant to nonfiction life.