Tuesday, July 10, 2012

THIS IS CRAZY: Apparently, yes, "Call Me Maybe" is a very effective way of getting people's phone numbers.

ETA:  Cookie Monster joins the craze.


  1. You know, I didn't really think that anything could trump the Roots on pre-school instruments, but....

    Now, if you had the Roots + preschool instruments + Cookie Monster, that might just be too much awesomeness for one video.

  2. "Effective" in the sense that Tom Brady was effective in the SNL sexual harassment training video.

  3. Andrew2:33 PM

    Sesame Street wins the internet this week. We can all pack up now and go outside. 

    What, it's only Tuesday? There's most of the workweek left to go? OK, internet, go ahead and entertain me maybe.

  4. Benner3:23 PM

    It has a good hook, but I think it could be funkier.

  5. Absolutely love Cookie Monster's version, but have to say the corgi video was pretty funny. 

  6. Paul Tabachneck2:51 PM

    Jenn, if you like that kind of thing, you might like self's "Gizmodgery" album, recorded entirely with toys intrument.  The cover of "What A Fool Believes" is godhead.

  7. Meghan (a different one)1:41 PM

    My sister is waitressing this summer, and she's already gotten phone numbers with the lyrics on three of her credit card receipts. I don't think she's called any of them but it's definitely made for some laughs.