Thursday, July 5, 2012

IF THIS IS NOT PLAYED AT DISNEYLAND REGULARLY, WE HAVE LOST: In other "Now the Internet has everything!" news, yes, there is an Andrew W.K. cover of The Mickey Mouse March.


  1. Law geeks will be amused to know that the K in Andrew W K is Krier. Yes, the Krier of Dukemenier & Krier or Michigan Law School fame.

  2. BeeFan10:27 PM

    I'd like to see the Jervy Hou/Bri Gonzales team take a crack at this one.

    (Here's their version of Rebecca Black's "Friday":

  3. Many years ago I was at a property study group at Krier's house, which was exactly the kind of proper, stuffy white colonial that you would expect a law professor to live in. He told us he wanted to play his "very talented" son's music for us because he was so excited about his son's freshly-signed recording contract. I was expecting a concerto, maybe a jaunty sonata. It was...not. It was SO LOUD.

  4. Andrew1:09 PM

    Andrew WK has since released a solo piano album and toured in support of it with a string quartet