Monday, July 2, 2012

IN YOUR CASE, SAID O'BRIEN, THE WORST THING IN THE WORLD HAPPENS TO BE MASCOT RACES: We may find no love from Randall Simon for this, but here is a short history of -- and guide to -- the finest mascot races in the Minor League.

And speaking of the minor leagues, while I've only gotten to one MLB game so far this year (with our own Kim Cosmopolitan), I've hit three minor league games so far this year (Fresno Grizzlies, Modesto Nuts and Visalia Rawhide) with the Reno Aces on schedule for tomorrow night. I'm not sure I'm saving money, given that the Little Earthling has a penchant for baseball hats and the Wee Earthling for foam fingers, but it remains great baseball and a great price.


  1. Same here, with the Wilmington (DE) Blue Rocks (high-A) and the independent Camden Riversharks.  Between-inning contests are awesome.

  2. Same here, with the Wilmington (DE) Blue Rocks (high-A) and the independent Camden Riversharks.  Between-inning contests are awesome.

  3. Marsha10:24 AM

    This is an interest we share, as you know. I am looking forward to the Earthling kids and my kids getting just a little older so that we can do long driving trips to meet in the Mountain Time Zone for minor league ball games. 

    We've made it to the Windy City Thunderbolts this season so far, and next up is the Schaumburg Boomers. LAter this stummer, we see the Gary Railcats, which we saw for the first time last summer. (This, of course, in addition to our usual diet of Cubs games.)

    Anyone who likes baseball at all should try out minor league action. Inexpensive and tons of fun. The kids get to run around much more than they ever could in a major league park, the food is often pretty decent (and sometimes awesome- I'm looking at you, Clinton (IA) Lumber Kings), and you see pretty good baseball. It's easy for the kids to meet the mascot and often the players, and foul balls are pretty easy to come by. Also, they often have night games that start at 5 or 6pm, making it perfect for younger kids.

    And seriously, if you're ever anywhere near Clinton, Iowa - go see the Lumber Kings. Stadium was built by the WPA in 1939, local restaurants do all the concessions, and for $6 you can get the best seat in the house and every batter can hear your every word. The park is so much a locals establishment that if you go, people will come up and introduce themselves and welcome you because they know immediately that you're a visitor. Spectacular.

  4. Greenville, SC recently built a little gem of a ballpark right downtown as part of the downtown revitalization.  A couple of years back, I went with my parents on Mill League night when each team were wearing uniforms to represent the different textile mill teams that used to play in the region. I was in short pant/long hose heaven.

  5. Heather K12:10 PM

    About ten years ago I made the mascot for the Tri-City Dust Devils who play in Pasco, WA (my hometown) it was a guy in a black bodysuit that had been painted with a sort of cheerful halloween skeleton, wearing themed boxers and bright chuck taylors.  That seems not to relate to "Dust Devils" but the mascot was named Kennewick Manny after our archeological claim to fame Kennewick Man.

    I don't really follow sports but I have to say all the minor league games I have been to have been some of the most fun.

  6. Gleemonex1:41 PM

    BE. YOOO. TEEE. FUL headline on this one. [Lucas clap]

  7. The Pathetic Earthling1:49 PM

    Thanks.  One of my favorite lines from that book and something that one can be, with a little effort, adopted into every parlance.  (e.g., "And in your case, O'Brien said, the worst thing in the world happens to be your approach to picking up girls/your risotto/your choice of chardonnay/etc.").

  8. Benner8:44 PM

    I will definitely hit an Iowa Cubs game while still in Des Moines.  I always thought the AAA team played in Chicago.  

  9. gtv20007:03 AM

    Been to a couple of Kernels games (rookie) this year in Cedar Rapids - would have been three but one game I tried to go to was SOLD OUT.  Of course another one I walked up to we sat three rows behind the guys with the radar guns.

    in both games the starter for the Kernels was Bedrosian - his son.  He's had arm surgery and is starting his career here.