Thursday, July 5, 2012

IN ADDITION, ALL THE GUNS HAVE BEEN REPLACED BY WALKIE-TALKIES:  In honor of the 50th anniversary of William Faulkner's passing, the Folio Society will republish The Sound and the Fury in the way Faulkner had intended -- using different-colored inks to mark the shifts in chronology. "If I could only get it printed the way it ought to be with different color types for the different times in Benjy's section recording the flow of events for him, it would make it simpler, probably," wrote Faulkner to his agent in 1928. "I don't reckon, though, it'll ever be printed that way, and this'll have to be the best, with the italics indicating the changes of events. And also, I need to make clear that Greedo shot first."

[HT: Watts. I may not have the last part of the quote exactly right.]

added: As saray discovered, colorized Faulkner will set you back $345.00.


  1. Watts2:56 PM

    Does/did anyone else have "The Neverending Story" printed with the different color inks? I found it so difficult to read. Can't imagine I'd like it better in Faulkner.

  2. Saray3:00 PM

    I want this immediately.  I want anything that makes this book more accessible to more people, because it was the best book I read in high school.  Granted, I had the most incredible English teacher (who will be receiving a copy of this in the mail from me) to walk me through it, but I am shaking at the prospect of more people "getting it."

  3. Saray3:05 PM

    HAHA, just kidding, it's $345.00.

  4. Genevieve3:08 PM

    yes, got that a few years ago for the kiddo and didn't know about the colors, he didn't like it.  Might've worked better if the print hadn't been light red, which seems more difficult to read.

  5. lisased3:08 PM

    I had that edition. I actually liked the red and green, but maybe it was the novelty of it.

  6. Watts3:14 PM

    I liked the book a lot when I read it in high school, and given that my term paper was about the significance of time as a theme and time as a narrative/constructive device and I managed to unravel the time issues without color-coding, it can be done.

    After that "Pulp Fiction" is a snap. Although I still need help with "Memento."

  7. lisased3:14 PM

    I read "The Sound and the Fury" in college, when my brother was taking the bar after a difficult time in law school. I saved up most of my spending money for a month and bought him a pocket watch, which I gave to him along with this quote: "I give it to you not that you may remember time, but that you might forget it now and then for a moment and not spend all your breath trying to conquer it." He left it behind at my parents' house when he moved away, so I took it back. I'm not sure he even knew who Faulkner was.

  8. Watts3:18 PM

    I'll tell you what - I've got a pack of highlighters - I'll mark up a good critical edition for you for the low, low price of $49.95.

  9. maranara6:06 PM

    That's exactly what my AP Lit tecaher in high school had us do. Good times.

  10. Y'all might enjoy this -- the June 20th Guardian's Book Podcast, Fiction that pushes at the limits of design. One of the books discussed is Sound, with "dialogue that reads like musical notation."

  11. Get your hands on the two-disc Memento DVD. There is an option on the second disc to watch the story in chronological order. I first watched it this way after at least 10 viewings the normal way. It was amazing how much it taught me about one of my favorite movies.

    Oh yeah, The Sound and The Fury? Want that color-coded version. Now.