Tuesday, August 14, 2012

BRING BACK MONTECORE:After a 9 year hiatus, The Joe Schmo Show will return early next year--this time, they're searching for America's next great bounty hunter, and yes, Ralph Garman is back as a new host.  Joe Schmo 2 in particular is in the pantheon of reality seasons, in large part because of how it became a reality show about the production of a reality show, and we can hope that a third season works as well.


  1. Eric J.3:27 PM


  2. Andrew3:53 PM

    The DVD of Joe Schmo 2 is available on Amazon for $6. Based on all the recommendations, I picked it up. http://www.amazon.com/Joe-Schmo-2-Various/dp/B00295SKYM

  3. Roger3:58 PM

    You will not regret it. Joe Schmo 2 is easily one of the top five reality seasons of all time.

  4. Pirate Cookie3:58 PM

    Yaaaay!  And yes, bring back Montecore.  The world needs more stuffed falcons on a zipline.  I would fully support this delivery method in my workplace. Email? BORING. Mail cart? Too slow.  Pneumatic tube? Pfffft!  Send it by falcon! 

    P.S. I would name my office falcon Milennium.  ;)

  5. I've done that list before, and ruled it out on definitional grounds as being more improv comedy with reality elements than pure reality competition.  But, what a show.  Most highly recommended.

  6. Shayera5:25 PM

    Ralph was talking about it on the radio this morning. It should be quite fun, like the first season was. He said his only request was that his character never wears anything with sleeves. 

  7. isaac_spaceman5:46 PM

    The way they rolled with stuff on the fly was just so beautiful.  Remember the stuffed Montecore?  So great.  Also, Kristen Wigg. 

  8. isaac_spaceman5:48 PM

    On the topic of deals, I think you can get Season 2 of Veronica Mars for $9 at Target.  I watched Season 1 largely on the love of people here, and while I didn't love it like you folks did, it was definitely worth at least positive-$12 of value to me, so I figure at $9 I'm getting like a $3 bargain. 

  9. Target frequently has random freaky-good deals on TV on DVD.  Veronica Mars does have a dip in quality in later seasons, but all three seasons are value.

  10. Oh, goodness, the episode where Ingrid figures it out, including the Pearl Necklace Ceremony. Start at 30:00 in, and then move onto the next episode:

    http://www.youtube.com/v/OzvrjSp0eUo" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="170" height="140

  11. Joseph J. Finn8:10 PM

    And yet, there is stil no DVD set of the greatest Fox reality show ever, My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss.

  12. Better Fox reality series:
    --Joe Millionaire
    --American Idol, multple seasons
    --Paradise Hotel
    --Mr. Personality
    --Looking for Love: Bachelorettes in Alaska
    --The Littlest Groom
    --Skating with Celebrities

  13. isaac_spaceman10:22 PM

    Oh, come on.  You obviously didn't watch My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss.  "Your reward is ... you will each get to sleep on TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS ... but you will have to give it back in the morning."  Cut to:  "this is actually really uncomfortable."  That show was great.  If you had watched it, you would never say "Joe Millionaire." 

  14. Slurp, slurp, gulp, yes I would.  

  15. Yup, I'm with Isaac here, as I was in the 2009 thread. MBFOB was amazing, down to the reveal at the end. It's up there with Paradise Hotel and Joe Mllionaire in sheer awesomeness. (Idol is a different kind of thing, to my mind.)

    One of my favorite bits: The contestants visited a convicted felon who was serving house arrest to see that acting unethically doesn't pay. So of course he was in a giant mansion with servants and a pool and had an awesome life.

  16. Joseph J. Finn12:19 AM

    It was such a delicious F You to the entire genre that I loved it, capped off by a lovely Trump-takeoff of a performance.

  17. bella wilfer3:06 PM

    You guys just sent me down a youtube rabbit hole of watching old Joe Schmo clips.  Thank you.  (I mean that sincerely...my employers probably do not feel the same...)