Tuesday, August 14, 2012

[SAD TROMBONE] FOR ALL BUT ONE:  The Price Is Right will be broadcasting a web series documenting the show's search for its first male model.  Job requirements include "qualities such as their verbal skills, posing, yodeling, and ability to properly showcase a product," and I may have made one of them up.

(Related favorite video: Drew Carey's underwhelmed reaction to the guy who got the Showcase Showdown exactly correct.)


  1. isaac_spaceman5:43 PM

    Had I but world enough, and time, I would replace Drew Carey in that clip with a picture of McKayla Maroney being not impressed. 

  2. Matt B6:06 PM

    lame that the winner is only actual a model for a week.

  3. A week? Lame, I agree.

    A great read from Esquire's Chris Jones on the perfect bid and the reason Drew was stone-faced: he thought the show had been duped.


  4. Broke my arm recently and spent lots of time on the couch. Man, did I grow to enjoy playing along with TPiR. It and The Chew (and painkillers) were like the highlights of my daytime hours.

  5. Genevieve1:39 PM

    I haven't seen The Chew - is Carla Hall as marvelous there as she was on Top Chef?

  6. I wouldn't know, but she's charming here.