Tuesday, August 14, 2012

OOH! OOH!  OH. NO.  Ron Palillo, who played Sweathog Arnold Horschack on Welcome Back, Kotter, passed away at his Florida home this morning. He was 63. His castmate, Robert Hegyes, died earlier this year.

From 1995, Palillo, Hegyes, and Hilton-Jacobs parodied a former co-star's recent film for the MTV Movie Awards.


  1. Was Palillo openly gay, or just outed by his obituary?

    I couldn't find video of the younger larger Screech whaling on him in a Celebrity Boxing mismatch.

  2. littleredyarn1:07 PM

    This makes very sad. It also makes me feel very old.

  3. Watts2:06 PM

    Whoa, Mr, Kotter was only born three years before Horshack. Goes to show how much a moustache ages a man.

  4. kd bart2:15 PM

    Only Travolta's career has died.  Multiple times.

  5. christy in nyc2:45 PM


  6. Adam C.3:40 PM

    That was a genuinely touching obituary. RIP.

    Another role of note: the unfortunate first victim of the reanimated-by-lightning Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives.  The cries of "HORSHACK!" during that scene were matched, in my movie-going experience, only by the cries of "HERMAN MUNSTER!" during Pet Sematary.

  7. He and his partner were together for 41 of his 63 years. Amazing and kudos to that.