Sunday, August 26, 2012

MAYBE HE SHOULDN'T HAVE HUNG AROUND WITH MOIST SO MUCH: Some lawyers have helpfully analyzed the legal issues in Estate of Penny v. Horrible and concluded that barring supervillain powers over the justice system, there is a substantial risk of Dr. Horrible being found to have acted negligently.


  1. bill.9:42 PM

    Acting negligently? Liability? Discussing if he's covered under the PCLAA as a gun manufacturer? What the hell? I am not a lawyer, but he was there to commit murder and this was the weapon he brought with him. Is there any real point in arguing these other situations? Oh, nevermind, I'll go with Josh's response.

  2. Novanglus7:11 AM

    He'll have no trouble defending the charges. He has a JD in horribleness.

    (I think that's an actual concetration at some law schools.)

  3. Duvall6:20 PM

    I'm more interested in the analysis of the potential claim against Joseph H. "Joss" Whedon for intentional infliction of emotional distress.