Friday, November 30, 2012

HELLO:  As Alan Sepinwall noted on the Twitter, Mandy Patinkin turns 60 today. Here's him singing Bali Ha'i, Swanee/Mammy, and Something's Coming (the latter two from Letterman), and some acting he did with Christopher Guest that one time.


  1. Mandy is sad:

  2. Seeing one of his live shows is still one of the better performances I've ever seen.

    Also, "I want my father back , you son of a bitch" is his best line delivery in Princess Bride. No question.

  3. KCosmo11:17 AM

    You can't wish Mandy a happy birthday without listening to this. Read the comments, too.

    I am a lifelong fan.

  4. Tosy and Cosh2:15 PM

    I've seen him live twice, and the whole "undressed stage, upright piano, gonna sing some songs in my sneakers" thing works really well.

  5. Tosy and Cosh2:19 PM

    I've been a big Mandy fan for a long while, primarily as musical theater performer. And as happy as I am that he's got a good quality gig going, I do lament that it's been a good decade or so since his last CD. Still, my favorite Mandy moment may be from an early episode of Chicago Hope where he visits his mentally ill wife in the hospital and sings I Dreamed a Dream to her, with great sadness and exhaustion. Used to be on YouTube, but no longer alas.

  6. Adlai2:56 PM

    Mandy Patinkin went to Kenwood Academy?

  7. bill.8:22 PM

    If you like Mandy Patinkin as an actor, I always recommend trying to find the 1993 movie, THE MUSIC OF CHANCE. Got a couple decent reviews then disappeared. It had exactly one showing in Atlanta, summer of 1994. Also never released on DVD in the US.

    You can watch it on youtube, starting here. As a bonus, he does sing one song about halfway through. Also stars James Spader, Charles Durning, Joel Grey, M Emmet Walsh.

  8. kdbart11:31 PM

    Always loved that Tony Randall/Mandy Patinkin need to rehearse bit on Letterman back in the 80s and 90s.