Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'M NOT BEING DEFENSIVE! YOU'RE THE ONE WHO'S BEING DEFENSIVE!  On December 15, Martin Short will return to host SNL the first time since 1996. Paul McCartney will be the musical guest, and I'm sure he'll be having some wonderful ... songs for the season. (Jamie Foxx/Ne-Yo on December 8, and Foxx hasn't hosted since 2000.)


  1. 1. What sort of odds can I get on Billy Crystal showing up during the Short episode to plug his (terrible-looking) Christmas movie? Because that'd seem logical.

    2. It was widely rumored that Sudeikis has an out at the end of the year and basically reupped to play Romney through election season. Since that's no longer in play, will be interesting to see if he leaves and what sort of farewell he gets.

  2. Adam B.9:33 AM

    Can I get odds on "Mitt Romney shows up as himself, to interrupt Sudeikis-as-Romney"?

  3. Chuck9:53 AM

    Martin Short is probably my favorite person to see as a guest on a late-night talk
    show. He is goofy, fun, irreverent, and yet smart. . . a
    combination of high-brow and low-brow. It’s part Robin Williams (not as frenetic
    and crazy-brilliant as Robin – more linear), and part vaudeville.

    He was on Kimmel about a week ago. He’s talking about how he recently was
    in England and met the Queen and Prince Philip. Of the latter he
    said, “Ninety-one years old and still sharp as a tack. There isn’t an
    anti-semitic joke he can’t remember.”

  4. girard3111:21 AM

    Could the "Boy Who Can't Wait For Christmas" pop up? I'd like to know what happened to Mr. Grimley, I must say.