Thursday, December 13, 2012

THAT WASN'T HERB TEA ... THAT WAS HERB!  The wacky hijinks of NBC's Night Court will always remain in a dear place in my memory, so I regret to inform that its creator, Reinhold Weege, has passed away at age 62. Weege also wrote more than 100 episodes during the show's nine seasons, which balanced the madcap with the sentimental (and far too many real-life deaths) with aplomb, and made a star out of John Laroquette while giving Harry Anderson the platform for which the show was always intended. Also: Mel Torm√©.


  1. Watts1:16 PM

    I believe it was "Raising Hope" that had a producer card tribute to him recently.

    I wish I could still watch Night Court - as far as I'm aware it's not on any of the channels i get and it's not on Netflix Streaming.

    My family used to watch Night Court together and my mom would laugh until she was crying and unable to breathe. And Father has always told us children to remember the wisdom of Dan Fielding: "Suck up or die."

    Also, Charlie Robinson had a couple of guest appearances on Hart of Dixie this season and it made me so happy to see him on my television screen again.

  2. Guess he can say "hi" to Art in Heaven, now.

  3. Adam B.3:10 PM

    I was incredibly close to titling this one "Just a little bit more; I'll shout when it measures eleven," but was worried that the reference was too obscure.

  4. If nothing else, Weege's creation introduced us all to the greatness of Brent Spiner.

  5. Roger4:32 PM

    Semi-related: Dan Harmon's lyrics to the Night Court theme song, which he sang during a taping of his (awesome) podcast Harmontown: