Thursday, December 13, 2012

YOU HAD NO RIGHT TO FILL A MAN LIKE THAT WITH AMBITION:  Nominating The Newsroom and Smash for Best TV Drama and Best TV Comedy instead of Mad Men and (Parks & Rec or Louie) suggests just how poorly today's Golden Globe nominations will go over as an assessment of merit, even in the Yemen (see Sepinwall), but since they have some predictive power on the film side it's worth discussing, if only to hear the titters of glee from the far corners over Jack Black's nomination for Bernie.

added: First Fey-Poehler hosting promo.


  1. Two category placements I really don't understand:

    1. Nashville as a Drama rather than a Musical. Yes, it got all the nominations it plausibly could, but Britton would have been a much more plausible winner in Musical than going against Danes in Drama.
    2. The Sessions as a Drama rather than a Comedy. With Les Mis and Silver Linings Playbook, it wouldn't be much better off in the Best Picture race, but at least it would move Hawkes out of the way of the Day-Lewis juggernaut.

  2. To be fair I think Smash is nominated in the "Best Comedy or Musical" category.

    With that said, it's always a waste of energy to get upset or to place any significance on what the Golden Globes nominates, considering how lame the award show is and has been.

  3. I am in one of those far corners. Delighted to see Jack Black get nominated, even if all it means is that more people will check out "Bernie." Which, by the way, is now available on DVD and on Netflix Streaming as well as many other fine streaming outlets and content providers.

  4. Exactly. We'll be tee-heeing away!