Tuesday, December 11, 2012

THREE SIX MAFIA AND MARTIN SCORSESE, NOW TIED: The Best Original Song Oscar has a bunch of weird rules requiring songs to be submitted in advance for clearance, to be adequately featured in the film (a closing credits song is only acceptable if it is the first thing heard once the credits roll), and to be original for the film.  The finalists list came out today, and it's actually kind of interesting:
  • Either for lack of submission or lack of eligibility, the only Hunger Games song eligible is one by the Arcade Fire.
  • Katy Perry's "Wide Awake" is the biggest mainstream hit (topped out at #2 on the Hot 100) to be eligible in a long while.  You have to go back to 2002, when "Lose Yourself" won, to find a Top 5 hit amongst the nominees.
  • Let's be honest--this category is probably almost certainly going to go to "Suddenly," the big ballad they wrote to get Les Mis into this category, right?
  • Despite rumors that "Skyfall" might be ineligible due to its prominent use of the original "James Bond Theme" vamp, it is eligible, and I can see it being a spoiler for those who aren't Les Mis fans.
At a bare minimum, performances of the last 3 should add a little jolt to the broadcast, right?


  1. Wait, nothing from "The Oogieloves In The Big Balloon Adventure"?

  2. I was quite surprised that the Hunger Games did not do something to make Safe and Sound eligible.

  3. It's too bad Eyes Open isn't included in the film, since that's the Taylor Swift song I think could have had some legs in the competition.

  4. Adam B.7:25 AM

    Even though "Jai Ho" didn't hit the top 5, it at least hit a level of cultural ubiquity which is rare for the category. My understanding is that "Safe and Sound" was too late in the credits to qualify.

  5. Jenn C9:47 AM

    No love for Ladies From Tampa?

  6. Carrie10:02 AM

    Ladies from Tampa is eligible, as is Sambola from Damsels in Distress.