Friday, April 12, 2013

BUT DOES IT CONTAIN WALTZING?  Raves for Matilda: The Musical have begun pouring in after last night's opening (setting up an interesting race between it and Kinky Boots in most of the top categories at the Tonys this year), but it seems the PR team might not have been so well prepared.  (The most interesting question in my mind is if the Tonys are going to bend the "opening night" rule, as they did for Billy Elliot, and allow all 4 girls who rotate in the title role to be considered as a unit for a Best Actress nomination.)


  1. KCosmo's Neighbor2:15 PM

    Kinky Boots was GREAT! Run! I didn't see Matilda, so I have nothing to say about it--though I'm sure it will be good. But Kinky Boots = fun. So much talent, good songs, great costumes, and drag queens. I mean really, if that's not enough, I don't know what else will sell it for you.

    On Monday I'm going to opening night of The Nance. Nathan Lane and Cady Huffman... I'm prepared to be wowed. Yay! It's been a uncharacteristically busy theater time for me.

  2. Saw Matilda a few weeks ago and it is truly amazing. It's deserving of the raves. Kids adored it.