Monday, April 8, 2013

  1. Number of players from the British Office who have wielded chipped steel on Game of Thrones: 2
  2. Number of children from Hugh Grant vehicles appearing on last night's episode of Game of Thrones: 2
  3. Number of Hollywood royalty playing fake royalty on Game of Thrones: 1
  4. Eras most associated with Don Draper's current and former paramours appearing last night, based upon other credits: 1960s (X-Men: First Class); early 1980s (Freaks & Geeks); pan-1980s (Hot Tub Time Machine)
  5. Most irritatingly unrealistic presence: friction on fake snow
  6. Most irritatingly unnecessary presence: Theon Greyjoy
  7. Sore thumb: James Wolk
  8. Number of women brandishing weapons on Game of Thrones even though Daenerys was absent: (Brienne, Arya, Osha, Meera, Ygritte, Margaery)
  9. Rickon vs. Bobby: Bobby
  10. Cersei vs. Catelyn vs. Betty vs. Roger's mom:  (1) Roger's mom; (2) Betty; (3) Cersei; (4) Catelyn
  11. Roose Bolton vs. Ken Cosgrove:  Cosgrove
  12. Dowager Lady Olenna Tyrell vs. Dowager Lady Pauline Francis: Lady Pauline (upset!)
  13. Tyrion vs. Roger (quips): Roger
  14. Joffrey vs. Sally (parental abuse): Sally
  15. Sansa vs. Violin Girl (poor choices): Sansa
  16. Margaery vs. Meghan (Q rating): Meghan
  17. Riverrun vs. River Water: Tie
  18. Cakes and cheese vs. finger sandwiches: Cakes and cheese
  19. Jewel-encrusted lever-action crossbow vs. dream-catcher vs. violin case vs. military lighter vs. shoeshine box: shoeshine box
  20. Indistinguishable: Night's Watch and St. Mark's Place Hippies
  21. Indistinguishable except for coed composition: Brotherhood Without Banners and Writers' Room
  22. Marching orders, Night's Watch: Trudge straight that way for a season, then turn around and go straight back
  23. Marching orders, Army Beyond the Wall: Trudge straight that other way
  24. Marching orders, Army of the Northmen: Go that way, then loop around the other way, and then if you get a chance go back around for a funeral or something
  25. Marching orders, copy writers: write better, don't say anything about love or severed ears


  1. Slowlylu5:53 PM

    Tuesday morning (Melbourne time) is fast becoming my favourite time on this blog. Thanks Isaac

  2. Anonymous6:05 PM

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  3. Jordan8:16 PM

    Number of roommates from the Family of Blood episodes of Doctor Who who have had pointy objects pointed at them on Game of Thrones: 2.

    I think the only people who care less about Rickon than I do are the writers. He was on screen for about fifteen seconds, and all he did was WANDER OFF INTO A FIELD. And the other characters were all, meh?

    Joffrey is terrifyingly evil, but he's also kinda dumb, and it's good that we've got characters who recognize that.

    Poor, poor Sansa.

  4. Jordan9:27 PM

    Oh, also we just got two Misfits to go along with two Fades, and I was way off last week, Bran is definitely not a werewolf.

  5. Deanna Dykstra11:06 PM

    My personal ALOTTFMA match-up is trying to figure out who wrote each post based on writing style before I get to the "Posted by" big reveal.

  6. The problem with adapting Rickon's character from the books is that Rickon is still a toddler there, and doesn't *have* a character. His existence is purely functional, as far as I can tell.

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  9. isaac_spaceman11:47 AM

    In the books he's a feral asshole. They could do something with that.