Friday, April 12, 2013

YOU CAN KEEP THE MEAT DRESS AND THE FIRECRACKER TITS—MERMAID'S MINE: Nice NYT profile of Bette Midler on the eve of her Broadway return, in which she expresses regret over two film roles she turned down:
"Producers kept offering me the ‘Sister Act’ movie, but I said, ‘My fans don’t want to see me in a wimple.’ I literally said, ‘My fans don’t want to see me in a wimple.’

“And ‘Misery’ — I turned that down because I didn’t want to saw off someone’s foot, even though the role won an Oscar,” Ms. Midler said of Kathy Bates’s turn in the adaptation of the Stephen King thriller. “It was stupid to say no to those pictures. And while I was unsure about doing this play, I felt it was time for me to say yes.”
(Yes, I've used that title quote before; am still waiting to employ it in a formal pleading. Indeed, the Divine Miss M has balls.)


  1. Adam B.12:04 PM

    For EGOT watchers: Midler has the E/G. Two Oscar noms for acting (The Rose, For the Boys but no wins. Played Tzeitzel during the original Broadway run of Fiddler.

  2. The "lead actress in a play" Tony is actually an interesting race this year. In addition to Midler, you have Holland Taylor doing her one-woman Ann Richards show (which she also wrote), Amy Morton's spectacularly reviewed turn in Virginia Woolf, Sigourney Weaver in a Chris Durang play, and star names galore (though many with bad reviews--Emilia Clarke, Katie Holmes, and Scarlett Johansson did not have a good time with the critics).