Wednesday, May 29, 2013

MEGHANA GIRI OF ALABAMA, COME ON DOWN!  You are the first speller up to the microphone in today's Round 2, and your word is glahz-nost.  (And you are correct!)

There are two preliminary rounds today in which all 281 spellers will face the microphone, Dr. Jacques Bailly, and the cameras of ESPN3 online (in both "play along" and more aggressively chyroned versions). Spellers receive 3 points for each word spelled correctly today; add that number to yesterday's written round score, and the top up-to-50 spellers advance to the semifinals tomorrow. Get dinged today, and you're out.

You can follow along in a few places (in addition to here): the Bee website, and a few places on Twitter worth noting: @ScrippsBee, @JGWhiteAP, and hashtag #SpellingBee.

8:15 am First two misspelled words are sih-no-SHOOR and KAH-mih-sahr.

9:12 am 91/96 so far, including of the Yiddish and Afrikaans words you've come to know and have ambiguous feelings about over the years.

9:45 am Halftime. 132/140 correct so far.

10:45 am As she did in 2011, Iram Kingson of Marietta, Ohio, receives realschule in this round. (And gets it right.) 192/204 correct.

11:40 am Round complete; 266/281 advancing. This round had everything: Yiddish foods, words from Bobby Brown songs, former Communist terms, a voortrekker ...


  1. Adam B.8:13 AM

    16/16 so far. All gettable words.

  2. BeeFan8:20 AM

    Given all the words repeated from previous bees, I was wondering...

    Has any speller gotten the same word twice (different years, obviously). Maybe even including regional bee

  3. Adam B.8:23 AM

    Paging MARSHA: our first Yiddish word of the day is SHNEH-kuh.

  4. BeeFan8:33 AM

    Glasnost, perestroika, commissar ... somewhere up north, Cat Cojocaru is screaming "No!!! I hate Russian words!!!"

    Roodebok. Afrikaans is back.

    So many old familiar words I can't place where I first saw them anymore. "Kirtle" once knocked out George Thampy. "Ocelot" was the first word Vanya ever saw as a competitor, I think. "Baedeker" once knocked out ... I'm thinking Alexis Ducote, but I'm probably wrong. I know he went out on "Pepysian" once.

    Things seem to be moving quickly. The time limits are the same, right?

  5. Genevieve8:53 AM

    We have a school named Tuckahoe here, but I always assumed it was a proper noun. Apparently, it means "Virginian."

  6. Genevieve8:56 AM

    Followed by lokshen and tchotchke.

  7. BeeFan9:11 AM

    They don't always use the primary definition in the Bee. I found that out when I looked up Laodicean after Kavya won in 2009. The primary definition was something like "a person from Laodicea".

  8. Genevieve9:29 AM

    Cracking up over the Maryland kid getting "terrapin"!

  9. BeeFan11:00 AM

    Well, that answers that.

    (Iram Kingston and realschule)

  10. Anonymous11:34 AM

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  11. Some of these words are actually quite difficult, but almost everyone gets them because all the spellers get predetermined study lists for rounds 2 and 3. There are around 1500 possible words for these two rounds.

    All the other rounds come from the dictionary, which contains a hefty 40,000-50,000 good spelling bee words with origins and definitions.

  12. Eric J.11:38 AM

    When does the bee include it's first Klingon word?

  13. BeeFan11:41 AM

    They look really familiar to anyone who's been watching the Bee for years. I guess most of these spellers are too young to have been watching for years.

    (But when the same speller gets the same word in the same round the very next year ... !!!)

    En daar was baie woorde, wat uit Afrikaans gekom het.

  14. Adam C.12:04 PM

    Solid round -- glad to see a lot of favorites returning (both in the Bee and here in the comments). Looking forward to the afternoon session.

  15. isaac_spaceman12:06 PM

    It's that thing of where a midget reenacts classic Star Trek scenes except he replaces all the dialogue with "vooooooooor."

  16. Yes, some of the words are very usable in everyday life. Here are some good words that weren't given in round 2 but were on the study list:

    glitz: "extravagant showiness"
    incognito: for browsing unspeakable things on Google Chrome
    quesadilla: when you're craving Mexican

  17. BeeFan1:28 PM

    I'm waiting for them use a Harry Potter word:

    Bailly: Quidditch
    Speller: Language of origin?
    Bailly: Wizard.

  18. Genevieve3:07 PM

    Looked it up and you're right - tuckahoe is an "obsolete or obscure" word that was used for certain classes of Virginians in the 18th/19th century, but the primary definition is an edible plant or fungus found in Virginia.

  19. Uncle Spike3:38 PM

    Two best moments of culture whiplash:

    1. Dr. Bailly referencing Daft Punk's new album in one of his sentences.

    2. Dr. Bailly actually juxtaposing reggaeton, Broadway, and Loudon Wainwright in a single sentence.

    Also...this may have missed some viewers, but Shreyas Parab asked a proper root question for "bellicose" (i.e., does this come from the Latin root "bellum" meaning war?). He was told that it did, and said something like, "Just like I asked last night."
    The night before Rounds 2 and 3, there's a speller orientation, so everyone knows how the next day will proceed. The spellers were schooled on how to ask root questions. Apparently, Shreyas used the exact same word and asked the exact same question to get the exact same answer today as yesterday. More than a little serendipity going on here this year!

  20. Cliff3:52 PM

    May I have them in a sentence please?

  21. Anonymous5:31 PM

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  22. Marsha12:53 AM

    Sigh. Double sigh. (I missed all of today - was entirely away from a computer. Will resume being incensed tomorrow.)