Thursday, May 9, 2013

RULE NUMBER TWO--DO NOT TRY TO WIN THE FAMILY REWARD: We can talk about the strategery of last night's episode, and our hopes and dreams for Sunday's finale, or, gang, just watch this additional footage of Cochran talking about his mom pre-challenge and smile.  (Rule Number One remains the Car Curse.)


  1. The dweeb has my heart. Even if he is so young that he started watching Survivor when he was literally pre-pubescent.

  2. Maggie12:14 PM

    Does he win if he's in the final 3? I can't tell if the jury is going to reward his game play or remain bitter about the masterminding and vote for Eddie out of spite or sheer ability to hang in there. I do think that I will be bummed if Dawn ends up winning this thing.

  3. Adam B.12:54 PM

    Yes, he should. Masterminded blindsides of Corinne, Andrea, and Brenda; helped keep Phillip calm; eliminated Three Amigos in correct order.

  4. Adam C.1:17 PM

    You'd imagine Eddie would have Reynold and Malcolm in the bag, and I would find it hard to believe Brenda could forgive Cochran (or Dawn or Sherri) for last night. One more Eddie vote might conceiveably be enough, and I could see Erik, or even Andrea, providing it.
    That said, I'd love for Cochran to take it -- I just am not sure he was counting votes when he made this move.

  5. Adam C.1:31 PM

    Probably needs to orchestrate a final three that includes someone who will get no votes (Erik? Sherri?) to avoid having Eddie sneak away with it if the favorites and their fan allies on the jury wind up splitting votes over two faves.
    Related: can Dawn get votes from the jury? Not so sure....

  6. Adam B.2:48 PM

    Either Sherri or Dawn is a suitable goat; just keep Erik away from the jury.

  7. Maggie3:25 PM

    Regardless of what happens, I've been completely entertained by this season. Which is more than I can say for CBS' other long-running reality competition franchise - this was first season I haven't watched TAR since it began.

  8. Nite.Crone4:53 PM

    I was thinking, didn't most "kids" including all of the above?

  9. bellawilfer5:15 PM

    I watched last night with a bunch of Survivors past and present, including - from this season - Malcolm, Andrea, and Cochran. This is the second time I've watched with Cochran and he is just as adorably awkward in person. Both Andrea and Malcolm seemed fairly at peace with their boots. Malcom said he had the "Enil Edam" tribe name planned for his first season but when Penner said "don't name it after anything dumb, guys" he got too nervous. Brenda was truly crushed after her boot - they said Dawn was REALLY pissed about missing out on the family reward and that was the tipping point (yeah, that's never one you want to win, as Adam says above). She won't be at the reunion b/c she's pregnant!

    I love this season. I love this show. I think Dawn actually has a shot to beat Cochran - the whole "I'm doing this for my kids"

  10. bellawilfer5:16 PM

    BTW, I think Brenda will end up forgiving Dawn/Cochran. I can't see her being ultimately spiteful.

  11. Adam C.5:43 PM

    Maybe not spiteful (best I can tell from TV, that's not Brenda), but I could see her still being angry and not in the mood to reward either one at the time she would have cast her vote. Remember, she FRICKING FOUND DAWN'S FALSE TEETH AT THE BOTTOM OF A LAKE and prevented what looked to be an imminent psychotic break. And this is the thanks she gets?

  12. Adam C.5:47 PM

    My problem with Dawn is that she's a wholly unstrategic player, vacillating as the wind blows. Her whole game is relying on other people forgetting that she's completely untrustworthy with any strategic secret. Which has worked ridiculously well in terms of staying away from the wrong end of tribal votes, but I don't think endears her to the jury members whom she sold out.

  13. bellawilfer5:54 PM

    Honestly, I just think a lot of the jury are younger folks who see her as more of a mother figure...I can see them not wanting to reward Cochran in the same way they want to reward someone with six kids. If the players were PURELY strategic, yeah, Cochran wins, but I do think they spend a lot of time at Ponderosa talking about who needs the money, etc.

  14. bellawilfer5:54 PM

    But, obviously, I agree with you re: Dawn.