Thursday, September 5, 2013

HBO NEEDS TO GET ON THIS:  With news that Angela Lansbury will get an honorary Oscar this year, I'd assumed that would complete an (arguable) EGOT for her.  Not quite.  Despite a plethora of Emmy nominations, including one for every single season of Murder, She Wrote, nary a win.  She's lost to:
  • Sharon Gless and Tyne Daly (twice each) for Cagney and Lacey
  • Dana Delany (twice) for China Beach
  • Patricia Wetting (twice) for Thirtysomething
  • Sela Ward for Sisters
  • Kathy Baker for Picket Fences (three times)
  • Mary-Louise Parker for Angels in America
  • Amanda Plummer for L&O:SVU


  1. Joseph Finn5:54 PM

    Also, I feel very strongly that honorary awards don't count for EGOT. Then again, I also don't feel producing awards should count. Sorry, Whoopi Goldberg, keep working towards that Grammy and Emmy.

    And now I'm going to go watch Ms. Lansbury in The Court Jester.

  2. Whoopi's producing award is a Tony. The question is whether her two Emmys (both daytime) count properly.

  3. isaac_spaceman7:57 PM

    Ordinarily I wouldn't comment on typos (I obviously make more than my fair share), but "Patricia Wetting" kind of made me laugh.

  4. Oops. (And I'm leaving it, because it is funny.)

  5. Roger9:04 PM

    What about Daytime Emmys? (Local news Emmys?)

  6. Joseph Finn9:10 PM

    Whoops, meant to write Tony. Her, I guess.

  7. lisased9:35 AM

    Surely we can find something for her on "Game of Thrones," right?

  8. Tosy and Cosh10:17 AM

    This raises an interesting question - who has the "purest" EGOT? That is, each award was won competitively by the person doing the thing he or she is most known for? Richard Rodgers', Rita Moreno's, Marvin Hamlisch's, Jonathan Tunick's (oddly enough), Mel Brooks', and Mike Nichols' would seem pretty pure. Helen Hayes' and John Gielgud's are good; depends on how close you feel a "spoken word" Emmy relates to acting. And I can let no mention of EGOT pass without noting the irony that longtime Sondheim orchestrator Tunick has one and Sondheim does not.

  9. Adam B.11:15 AM

    I would agree that both Spoken Word Grammys and Best Guest Actor Emmys are of lower value. Nichols, Hamlisch, Brooks (b/c of the Sid Caesar writing Emmy) FTW.

  10. With the line between "guest" and "heavily featured tertiary role played by name actor" blurring, it's hard to say. Even season-long arcs on cable shows can count as "guest" (Julia Stiles and John Lithgow on Dexter, Margo Martindale on The Americans, Linda Cardellini on Mad Men, Diana Rigg on Game of Thrones) depending on how they're billed/entered.

  11. Adam B.12:52 PM

    Fine. "One-off" guest performances.

  12. Genevieve10:37 PM

    Angels in America was a miniseries or movie, right? So why was it competing with series?