Friday, September 6, 2013

YOU HAD ME AT "SPAGHETTI":  I am extremely amused by the suggestion that James Franco had never seen a celebrity roast before participating in his own, though my favorite dig may have been Jonah Hill's on Bill Hader:
Bill Hader was brilliant on SNL and when he left the show every single person was like, "What are you doing? You're never ever going to work again." And what does my man Bill do? Boom, he books a T-Mobile commercial. Who's laughing now, Lorne Michaels? My man Bill is. If that thing goes national, we could be talking like 10, 15 grand. This guy's cashing checks from the fourth largest mobile provider in the nation. I respect Bill because Sprint was coming after him hard, but he held out for that fuck you T-Mobile money.
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  1. Randy2:48 PM

    I was partial to Sarah Silverman's "Jonah Hill is such a Jewy dick you have to watch his movies through a hole in a sheet."

  2. Jason Carlin10:13 AM

    I enjoyed Jonah Hill's jokes (I'm wonder which writers helped punch it up for him) but it seemed like every joke of his was undermined with "No, but really, I love you" backpedalling.