Sunday, October 6, 2013

BUT THE SPRINKLES CONTAIN POTASSIUM BENZOATE:  Fox's MLB playoffs coverage generally leaves the nation with two options: Treehouse of Horror almost a month before Halloween (2012-13) or the week after Halloween (2000-08, 2010). Am I alone in preferring the latter?

[Tonight: loved the Seuss, and the very last gag of the final act. Otherwise, meh.]


  1. Joseph Finn9:12 PM

    My preference is for anyone else to cover baseball, but then I consider Boston to be on a bye week so whadda I know?

  2. Andrew11:49 AM

    Fox covering the playoffs is the worst of both worlds, forcing baseball fans to listen to Joe Buck calling games (which at least spares football viewers a couple of weeks of Buck calling games) and forcing Simpsons fans to see THOH not on the Sunday immediately before Halloween.