Tuesday, October 8, 2013

HOME OF TAX-FREE SHOPPING AND PUMPKIN CHUNKIN'  If each U.S. state were assigned an official sport, with no one version of a sport being employed twice, how would the map end up looking?


  1. Watts1:02 PM

    Tennessee got women's basketball and Connecticut didn't. Suck it, Geno Auriemma.

  2. Joseph Finn1:15 PM

    16-inch softball? Shouldn't Illinois get something that reflects the rest of the state as well? (I mean seriously, MISSOURI gets pro baseball.) That said, New Mexico getting stuck with hot air ballooning amuses me in the "reaching for anything vaguely resembling a sport but not really" that they had to dip into there.

    Also, not one state got little league baseball? Not even Pennsylvania?

  3. Gadfly1:28 PM

    Poor Utah.

  4. bristlesage1:39 PM

    Suck it, Geno Auriemma.

    World without end, amen.

  5. Governor Squid2:25 PM

    I'm pleasantly reminded of the time we had to convince my in-laws that yes, in fact, we really were watching the high school girls hockey tournament on regular TV.

  6. Watts2:32 PM

    If sailing is a sport, so is hot air ballooning.

  7. Joseph Finn2:35 PM

    Sailing is not a sport.

  8. Bryan2:58 PM

    Huh, I would think that most people far enough away from Chicago to not
    care about 16-inch softball would most likely also prefer with Missouri
    getting pro baseball instead of Illinois. I've been south of I-80 long
    enough that I describe myself as from Illinois instead of from Chicago,
    but I'm still OK with 16-inch softball (which I prefer to call "real
    softball" or just "softball") getting its recognition.

  9. Joseph Finn3:02 PM

    That's a fair point, Bryan, though I doubt there are THAT many Royals fans in southern Illinois.

    (Joke, Cardinals fans! Joke!)

  10. christy in nyc4:00 PM

    Hell yeah biathlon. Truth is, I know a LOT of Mainers, many very winter-sporty, and I don't think I know a single one who has ever even tried biathlon (or what I imagine is its real-life cousin(?), wearing skis while hunting). Still it's badass so I approve.

  11. bristlesage4:14 PM

    And one of the most-watchable little-aired Olympic sports, I'd say.

  12. not bad. I don't know who should get pro football, but cross country skiing or speed skating should be Wisconsin's sport. Snowmobiling is a better fit for all of Michigan.

  13. Joseph Finn12:15 AM

    And yet, I love biathlon, even if I'm not for it being an Olympic sport (what with the guns).

  14. Joseph Finn10:33 AM

    Indiana getting high school basketball was one of the few slam dunks on that map, wasn't it?

  15. Joseph Finn10:33 AM

    New York State has an NFL team?

  16. Sophietje1:49 PM

    lol. That's a good point. I guess when push comes to shove, there are exactly 7 games played within the borders of New York State. That not very commanding, is it?

  17. Marsha2:40 PM

    Ahem. It's Punkin' Chunkin'.