Wednesday, October 9, 2013

THE UNOFFICIAL HISTORIAN OF GREAT THINGS DONE BY WHITE MEN:  The Grantland team assembles their favorite Tom Hanks clips on YouTube.  (No Bosom Buddies? No Tom Hanks, Happy Days karate bully?)


  1. Joseph Finn5:55 PM

    There is no universe where the Coen Brothers "The Ladykillers' is underrated. It's simply a bad movie.

    Odd thing I learned today, speaking of John Patrick Shanley (writer of Joe Vs. The Volcano, Pulitzer Prize winner and so on); he wrote the movie Congo. Yep. We can blame him for that.

  2. Randy6:15 PM

    The absence of "YOU! ARE! A! TOY!!!!!!!" means the list is flawed.

  3. isaac_spaceman9:07 PM

    There was a time in our history when we were willing to accept Henry Winkler and Tom Hanks as two dangerous toughs.

  4. Tosy And Cosh10:05 AM

    One thing that always impressed me about Hanks' performance in Castaway - especially the scene where he loses Wilson at sea, which could VERY EASILY have been under- or over-played, but which was pitched just right - is that all the island dialogue was recorded months afterwards. Per the commentary track, with the sound of the waves and all they couldn't get good recording on the island, so he did all of that dialogue in a studio afterwards. That strikes me as . . . hard. It's one thing to act desperate when you are actually half-naked on a real beach, throwing a real spear into real water. To act that same way when you are in a warm and comfy studio?